Blockchain's first payment item - TokenCard

Currently, there is a very popular project in the cryptocurrency market. It is TokenCard, which aims to solve the problem of the inability to use cryptocurrencies in everyday life. Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have always attracted attention because of their high value, but people soon realized that the value of money itself depends on their own practical application.

Analysis shows that the winner of the project that has completed the ICO is obviously Tenx. Although Polybius has more complex concepts in providing different services, it also means higher risks. Tenx already has an on-line product, and it also has this impressive user. In addition, Tenx has the support of Vitalik Buterin and distributed funds, which is a very powerful back-up. While TokenCard and ChainCoin have great potential, according to our analysis, if the ecosystem described in their white paper can be implemented, this will be a good decision.

To sum up, TKN is used to protect the security of the user's assets and perform the payment and security parameters set by the user. It can link wallets in token contracts to VISA networks and use ERC20 tokens in their wallets for payments, Pos transactions, and ATM withdrawals. The Token APP launched by it integrates the whole use process of the token wallet and provides users with a clean and intuitive user interface. TKN tokens will have a certain amount of dividends and charge a fee from TokenCard.

This is where the magical place of the TNK token wallet is. TNK is an electronic wallet that Ethereum can only contract with, equivalent to an account in a token bank. When you need to spend money, you can automatically get funds from this account. This is a great idea. You don't need to deposit in the token bank because your funds are kept in your own TNK wallet. The amount of tokens that users can use is also set by themselves and can be modified or cancelled at any time.


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