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hdu 1051 Wooden Sticks(贪心)

Wooden Sticks

Time Limit: 2000/1000 MS (Java/Others)    Memory Limit: 65536/32768 K (Java/Others)
Total Submission(s): 15640    Accepted Submission(s): 6429

Problem Description
There is a pile of n wooden sticks. The length and weight of each stick are known in advance. The sticks are to be processed by a woodworking machine in one by one fashion. It needs some time, called setup time, for the machine to prepare processing a stick. The setup times are associated with cleaning operations and changing tools and shapes in the machine. The setup times of the woodworking machine are given as follows: 

(a) The setup time for the first wooden stick is 1 minute. 
(b) Right after processing a stick of length l and weight w , the machine will need no setup time for a stick of length l' and weight w' if l<=l' and w<=w'. Otherwise, it will need 1 minute for setup. 

You are to find the minimum setup time to process a given pile of n wooden sticks. For example, if you have five sticks whose pairs of length and weight are (4,9), (5,2), (2,1), (3,5), and (1,4), then the minimum setup time should be 2 minutes since there is a sequence of pairs (1,4), (3,5), (4,9), (2,1), (5,2).

The input consists of T test cases. The number of test cases (T) is given in the first line of the input file. Each test case consists of two lines: The first line has an integer n , 1<=n<=5000, that represents the number of wooden sticks in the test case, and the second line contains n 2 positive integers l1, w1, l2, w2, ..., ln, wn, each of magnitude at most 10000 , where li and wi are the length and weight of the i th wooden stick, respectively. The 2n integers are delimited by one or more spaces.

The output should contain the minimum setup time in minutes, one per line.

Sample Input
3 5 4 9 5 2 2 1 3 5 1 4 3 2 2 1 1 2 2 3 1 3 2 2 3 1

Sample Output
2 1 3



题解:贪心。排序后,对于当前a[i].每次都找 没被用过&&离他最近&&符合条件的a[j]归为一个集合,再从a[j]开始找。

#define N 5005
#define INF 1e8

using namespace std;

int n;

struct point {
    int x,y;
} a[N];

bool cmp(point a,point b) {
    if(a.x==b.x)return a.y>b.y;
    return a.x>b.x;

bool vis[N];

bool is(point a,point b) {
    return a.x>=b.x&&a.y>=b.y;

int main() {
    int t;
    while(t--) {
        for(int i=0; i<n; i++) {
        int ans=n;
        memset(vis,0,sizeof vis);
        int cnt=0;
        while(cnt<n) {
            int i=cnt;
            for(int j=i+1; j<n; j++) {
                if(!vis[j]&&is(a[i],a[j])) {
    return 0;

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HDU1051--Wooden Sticks

Wooden Sticks

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