OPC Unified Architecture Developer Conference 2005 - Redmond

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Microsoft and OPC are pleased to announce the 2005 OPC Unified Architecture Developer Conference (OPC UA DevCon) that will be held and sponsored by Microsoft and OPC on April 19th and 20th, 2005 at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, Washington.

The main purpose of the event is to provide a technical overview and jumpstart of the OPC Unified Architecture and the corresponding Microsoft technology

The OPC unified architecture has been under development for the past 18 months by a team of OPC foundation members. We are about to unveil and issue the first release of the OPC Unified Architecture specifications. This event is the opportunity for the OPC foundation members to get a firsthand look at the OPC unified architecture and the Microsoft technology. Attendees at the OPC unified architecture developer conference will have the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look and meet the developers of the OPC unified architecture and the Microsoft indigo staff.

Some of the exciting things happening at the OPC unified architecture developer conference include:

·   Special surprise keynote speaker that you will not want to miss!!!!

·   A real and practical demonstration of the OPC unified architecture/Microsoft technology

·   OPC for automation and beyond the Revolution and the future is Now

·   Detailed overview of the how, what and why behind the OPC unified architecture

·   Migration of OPC DCOM based products to the OPC unified architecture.

·   Technical sessions focused at the details of the OPC unified architecture with sample code to take home

·   Overview of Microsoft indigo and Whidbey technology focused at the needs of the OPC developers

·   Technical session tying together OPC and Indigo, targeted to developers wanting to build real products that really work!! 

·   Microsoft/OPC ask the experts evening event

·   Breakout sessions on the old and new technology

·   Panel Discussions featuring OPC and Microsoft developers and OPC end-users

·   OPC certification built into the OPC unified architecture

·   Sessions on redundancy, reliability and Federation

Conference attendees also benefit by meeting and working with other OPC member's who share the same common goal of providing products increasing interoperability in automation and the enterprise.

The OPC Unified Architecture is the wave of the future bringing forward and tying together the existing OPC technology that has been developed over the last 10 years to an integrated platform that migrates the DCOM architecture to an architecture that is based on web services.

The OPC Unified Architecture takes the functionality OPC provides today in the form of separate, distinct stand-alone COM specifications is melded together into a single unified set of base services for secure reliable interoperable "transport" . The OPC unified architecture provides the foundation to transport data/information independent of the content. This provides a tighter coupling of the different types of data exposed via OPC and eliminates redundant coding by OPC software vendors that previously needed to support multiple OPC COM interfaces. The OPC unified architecture then goes beyond providing the transport layer for data/information, to include the development of services that support reliability and transaction oriented information processing.

The OPC unified architecture is designed to take the existing OPC products built on the DCOM based technology and transparently have adapters that allow OPC unified architecture applications to work on a seamless fashion with OPC DCOM based applications.

Registration for the OPC unified architecture development conference is intended to be limited to three persons from each OPC foundation member company. Special exceptions maybe granted on request. We encourage your to register for the event as soon as possible to insure your company will be represented in the OPC unified architecture developer conference. This is intended to be an international event, and OPC foundation members will be attending from around the globe. The OPC unified architecture developer conference also coincides with this being the OPC foundation 10-year anniversary (Special guests from the OPC foundation past will be at the developer conference to welcome you to this important event)

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