Barcode Writer in Pure PostScrip

Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript

Copyright (c) 2005 Terry Burton -


Barcode Writer in Pure PostScript facilitates the printing of all
major barcode symbologies entirely within PostScript.

Since this resource is written in PostScript and interpretted
within the virtual machine of a printer it is compatible with
virtually any operating system and hardware platform.

It makes including any barcode within a PostScript document as
simple as inserting the following directive:

(1-86074-271) (includetext height=0.9) isbn barcode


This file is the main PostScript resource that should be included
within the prologue of any PostScript document in which you would
like to produce barcodes. Alternatively this resource can be
loaded into the virtual machine of a PostScript printer until
hardware reset, removing the need to include the resource in each
document. To do this uncomment the relevant line near top of the
file and send it to the printer.

This file contains an example invocation of each of the encoders
to produce a page containing an instance of each barcode

The file contains both the resource and sample produced by
concatinating and It is suitable for
viewing in a PostScript viewer such as gv or GSview, or sending
directly to the printer with a command like:

lpr (Unix)
copy /B LPT1: (Windows)


The project homepage which contains the latest downloads and
documentation is at

The project development and support mailing list archive is at

A number of different sample uses for the project are available
in the repository at

There is an online demonstration of the project available via
the web-based front-end at

If you are a business requiring specialist commercial support or
development work to back-up your use of this software, this is
provided by the author through Raise the Bar Technologies Ltd at


Anybody is free to use and develop this code as they see fit,
under the terms of the permissive MIT/X-Consortium License.
As such the author takes no liability for its use or misuse.

If you make any improvements please send them to the mailing
list so that the mainline code may be improved.