Heading Home

It's been rainy and cloudy for the last few days. We only had sun shine on Tuesday.
It's really a miracle that it's not rainning now, for each and every thursday for the past month rains.

I'm heading home now after staying in the lab for more than 8 hours. It's been a fruitful day compared to those days spent at home. So good thing to stay at the lab for the summer. Get back to the computer screen and get back to those guys in the lab.

Found it really unwise to have 2 usernames under the same system, for each and every time when you try to log on and you found that the system will remember you in the other username in the cookie of your client computer. So you have to log off and sign in again using the other username.

Still a bunch of real work to do this weekend. Since my gf will be working on this weekend because of the SOC. I will have a chance to go to SHM to work for extra hours.

OKie. TIme to call it a day at school and work. I'm going now, if possible(get up early in the morning), i will come back to lab tomorrow morning.