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Picking up the old days

Being away from this place for a long time.
It's summer time now, day time temperature sometimes hit 35C, which is so unbearable for me. I have to shower constantly to get myself cool, like 5~6 times a day. Well it's wise to stay in lab or in cubicle during this hot time.

I will have to move to Min Hang next Wednesday, and start my new life. This is actually the first time that i live alone, with no relatives and friends around.

I attended the SAP campus recruit last week. Well, a good score in the paper test did not get me an interview, because i was foolish enough to fill "2nd year after summer" into the grade blank. Apparently, they are only interested in second years student who can work right after the internship. Whatever... Let it go!

This Wednesday, i went to the FX VFP interview, it was actually weird that FX only gave each candidate 15 min' interview. And nothing technical was brougt up during that 15 mins. I performed my best. Now what i can do is to bless god that they would pick me.

The weather yesterday was like hell! 32C in door during noon, and day turned into night during the afternoon. It was just like the scence in "The War of the worlds"

I spent 30' online to add all Junior & Senior High Classmates into my MSN Account. Those names just drag me back into those old days.

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