1st Night sucks

Can't stand staying at Zizhu Campus. So I took the  2:30 and headed back to town. It's better to over night in SHM than in SHZ, since everything is so close. Conveinent Store at the lobby, coffee and tea at a nearer pantry. But it's not possible for you to fall asleep on the meeting room floor without a sleeping bag. The carpet feels bad.

Started at 4 this morning, cuz i heard something upstairs moving. 2 peice of Pizza and a cup of hot tea get me back to work. I still have a lot to read to pass the tiptoeing 2 exams.

Janny and Zaphr had their graduation ceremony yesterday. Janny was trapped at work for some stupid printing stuff. She even gave up the graduation picture for that. (That's a BIG lost!! Since you can only have your graduation once in a lifetime.) I remeber that i came back to Intel to make a presentation on our staff meeting during my graduation party. (That was awesome, I can't even believe that i made it.)

June 26. When i went through my weblog and found that on the same day last year. XiaoDi moved out of 404. and on that day an era ended. I didn't do a good job at SJTU. I do not like the school. I do not like my professer. I do not like those guys in my lab. I can never find any passion like what i had when working in the embedded system back at ECNU. I'm even losing my self-esteem.

I'm losing my goal, i'm losing my dreams, I'm feeling that my self-esteem  is caving in. In high school, my goal was to get into a good college, in undergraduate, my goal was to have a chance to get a master degree. When i'm pursuing my master degree now, i do not know where i should go. When starting to picture about the life after graduation, i got lost! I don't know what's gonna happen and i do not know where am i gonna go.