Taking a shower

Taking a shower is one of the easiest thing that a regular employee and student can do. But that's not for me. I've been livin in office for like 3 days. Working, Eating and playing are all cool to me, but sleeping, washing and taking a shower are not simple things any more. 

Sleeping on the floor of a meeting room is not as easy as you might think of. It's like something impossible if you want to do it without a sleeping bag. I tried to sleep directly on the floor on Sunday night, but ended up in vein. Cuz, the air con is too cool during night, and some werid sound may wake you up every 30~45 mins. While if you have a sleep bag to sleep in. You will feel safe. I had a good night of sleep last night, with only one wake-up around 4 to pee. Maybe that's because i've been too tired for the past two days.

Washing face and brushing your teeth are both not a problem at all. You can even enjoy that in the private room of SHM. But washing cloth is rather a big problem, since there are no lundary in Office. It's terrificlly hard to make your stuff dry.

Taking a Shower
It's great that the company provides shower in the gym, but you have to pay some of your energy for the shower.

Gotta go for the shuttle, will be back in a while after i arrive at SHM.


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