What's New in MoSync SDK 3.0


MoSync 3.0 的发布在手机跨平台开发领域是巨大的一步!在这一个版本,我们可以很轻松地把PhoneGap JavaScript应用移植到MoSync上。针对WP7,我们已经实现了大部分的libraries and APIs,我们可以通过JavaScript来访问本地接口。3.0还提供了新的C++ libraries for notifications,显示广告栏的APIs,SQL DB,audio streaming。3.0也简化了资源包的处理,以提高资源编译的效率。当然,也提供了相应的代码模板、例子、线上向导。Whew!让我们开始吧……

Here's a quick summary of all that's new.


  • Windows Phone 7 — support for Microsoft's platform
  • Wormhole JS Library — PhoneGap apps on MoSync
  • JS NativeUI API — native widgets from JavaScript
  • Database API — access a device's SQL databases
  • Notifications Library — react to local/push notifications
  • Advertising Library — show ads in your apps
  • Capture API — easy access to the camera
  • Audio API — play audio resources simultaneously
  • Device/Platform handling — simpler and more efficient
  • Resource Compiler —  fast, flexible resource handling
  • maDestroyPlaceholder —  release placeholders to pool
  • New Issue Tracker — better bug and request tracking
  • HTML5/JavaScript — quickly unpack large bundles
  • Android Experimental Runtime
  • New IDE Templates
  • New and Updated Example Applications
  • New User Guides and Tutorials
  • Known Issues and Limitations for MoSync SDK 3.0
  • Bugs Fixed in this Release

Windows Phone 7 — support for Microsoft's platform

Windows Phone 7

3.0已经开始支持WP7开发,实现了针对WP7的大部分MoSync C API函数,也就是说我们之前的C++ libraries可以工作在WP7设备上。当然因为有HTML5的Wormhole JavaScript Library,我们也可以用纯的JavaScript(或C++/JavaScript的混合编程)来开发WP7程序。

ps:用MoSync开发WP7应用,也必须安装WP7 SDK(

The Windows Phone SDK runs only on Windows Vista SP2 and later, needs 3 GB of RAM and 4 GB of free disk space


Wormhole JS Library — PhoneGap apps on MoSync

iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7


用HTML5, CSS and JavaScript, C++




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