ClearCase 最常用命令记录

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write some basic knowledge about Clearcase.


创建view:clt mkview -tag view_abcd /view_store/view_abcd.vws
设置view: clt setview view_abcd
编辑config specification: clt edcs

创建branch type:clt mkbrtype dbg_branch1_comments
在某个文件的当前branch上, 拉出一个branch:
 clt mkbranch
dbg_branch1_comments filename.c

now you have make branch on the file, and checked it out.
you can edit it with gvim.
After changed codes, you can complie it successfully, and test the result, you can check it in.
clt ci filename.c
If you want to check out it again:
clt co filename.c

To change the branch name to a formula name you can use the command:
clt rename brtype:dbg_branch1_comments

To see the version tree of a file:
clt lsvtree -g filename.c

To see which files is included in a branch, you can edit a script like this

echo "$1"
cleartool find -avobs -element "brtype("$1")" -nxn -print | xargs cleart
ool ls -s|grep "$1"

To compare files, I write a useful script file mydiff.

You can use xcc& to open graphic clearcase. So you can do most thing through the menu.

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