Fall 2007 Cyber Security Symposium

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The rapid deployment of advanced communication and information technology in our society has enabled increased interdependencies among diverse business groups, government agencies, and other entities.

The spread of such technologies, and the consequential reliance on it, require the commitment of all participants to know, understand and take action to minimize the threats that compromise the facility, the integrity of data in the network, and the privacy rights of all persons.

This symposim will focus on the issues and solutions as seen by the most prominent researchers and practitioners in the field of information security.

Dan Geer Vice President and Chief Scientist for Verdasys and the principal of Geer Risk Services. He authored the white paper, “The Shrinking Perimeter – Making the Case for Data Level Risk Management” and has also co-written several books and reports, including, “Cyber Insecurity.”
Alan Paller Founder, and Director of Research for all research projects for the SANS Institute. Paller was also selected as one of the 100 “Most Influential People in Information Technology” by eWeek, CIO Decisions, and Baseline magazines. Paller established the Annual SANS-FBI Top 20 Internet Security Threats (1999) and was named to the National Infrastructure Assurance Council by the President of the United States (2001).




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Cyber security和Network security的区别

主要是关于network security 和cyber security的区别。
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