[Xcode] Automatic Preferred Max Layout Width is not available on iOS versions prior to 8.0

專案 storybard 一直出現警告 Automatic Preferred Max Layout Width is not available on iOS versions prior to 8.0




經過元件一個一個刪除發現是 UILabel 的 使用了 Preferred Max Layout Width 這個屬性造成 numberOfLines 屬性只要不是  1 就會造成這個警告

P.S  這問題是 XCode6  才會出現的


將 Storyboard Builds 修改為 iOS 8.0






P.S 我使用修改 preferredMaxLayoutWidth 沒有辦法解決


Automatic Preferred Max Layout Width is not available on iOS versions prior to 8.0

Update 3:
This warning can also be triggered by labels that have numberOfLines set to anything but 1 if your deployment target is set to 7.1. This is completely reproducible with new single-view project.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new single-view, objective-c project
  2. Set the Deployment Target to 7.1
  3. Open the project's storyboard
  4. Drop a label onto the provided view controller
  5. Set the numberOfLines for that label to 2.
  6. Compile

I've filed the following radar:

Update 2:
Unfortunately, this is a thing again in the release version of Xcode 6. Note that you can, for the most part, manually edit your storyboard/xib to fix the problem. Per Charles A. in the comments below:

It's worth mentioning that you can pretty easily accidentally introduce this warning, and the warning itself doesn't help in finding the label that is the culprit. This is unfortunate in a complex storyboard. You can open the storyboard as a source file and search with the regex <label(?!.*preferredMaxLayoutWidth) to find labels that omit a preferredMaxLayoutWidth attribute/value. If you add in preferredMaxLayoutWidth="0" on such lines, it is the same as marking explicit and setting the value 0.

Update 1:
This bug has now been fixed in Xcode 6 GM.

Original Answer
This is a bug in Xcode6-Beta6 and XCode6-Beta7 and can be safely ignored for now.

An Apple engineer in the Apple Developer forums had this to say about the bug:

Preferred max layout width is an auto layout property on UILabel that allows it to automatically grow vertically to fit its content. Versions of Xcode prior to 6.0 would set preferredMaxLayoutWidth for multiline labels to the current bounds size at design time. You would need to manually update preferredMaxLayoutWidth at runtime if your horizontal layout changed.

iOS 8 added support for automatically computing preferredMaxLayoutWidth at runtime, which makes creating multiline labels even easier. This setting is not backwards compatible with iOS 7. To support both iOS 7 and iOS 8, Xcode 6 allows you to pick either "Automatic" or "Explicit" for preferredMaxLayoutWidth in the size inspector. You should:

Pick "Automatic" if targeting iOS 8 for the best experience. Pick "Explicit" if targeting < iOS 8. You can then enter the value of preferredMaxLayoutWidth you would like set. Enabling "Explicit" defaults to the current bounds size at the time you checked the box.

The warning will appear if (1) you're using auto layout, (2) "Automatic" is set for a multiline label [you can check this in the size inspector for the label], and (3) your deployment target < iOS 8.

It seems the bug is that this warning appears for non-autolayout documents. If you are seeing this warning and not using auto layout you can ignore the warning.

Alternately, you can work around the issue by using the file inspector on the storyboard or xib in question and change "Builds for" to "Builds for iOS 8.0 and Later" Xcode file inspector

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