Spring Shell 2.0.0

Users of the Spring Shell project can easily build a full featured shell ( aka command line) application by depending on the Spring Shell jars and adding their own commands (which come as methods on spring beans). Creating a command line application can be useful e.g. to interact with your project’s REST API, or to work with local file content.

Spring Shell’s features include

A simple, annotation driven, programming model to contribute custom commands

Use of Spring Boot auto-configuration functionality as the basis for a command plugin strategy

Tab completion, colorization, and script execution

Customization of command prompt, shell history file name, handling of results and errors

Dynamic enablement of commands based on domain specific criteria

Integration with the bean validation API

Already built-in commands, such as clear screen, gorgeous help, exit

ASCII art Tables, with formatting, alignment, fancy borders, etc.

Spring Boot Config

Start your Spring Shell application by adding the appropriate dependency:

org.springframework.shell spring-shell-starter 2.0.0.RELEASE


dependencies {
compile ‘org.springframework.shell:spring-shell-starter:2.0.0.RELEASE’

Then to create a simple command that could be invoked as

shell:>translate “hello world!” --from en_US --to fr_FR
bonjour monde!

assuming you’d have access to some kind of translation service that worked with Locales:

package foo;

public class TranslationCommands {

private final TranslationService service;

public TranslationCommands(TranslationService service) {
  this.service = service;

@ShellMethod("Translate text from one language to another.")
public String translate(
  @ShellOption(mandatory = true) String text,
  @ShellOption(mandatory = true, defaultValue = "en_US") Locale from,
  @ShellOption(mandatory = true) Locate to
) {
  // invoke service
  return service.translate(text, from, to);


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