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poj2412——Constructing Roads(最小生成树变形)

DescriptionThere are N villages, which are numbered from 1 to N, and you should build some roads such that every two villages can connect to each oth...

2016-08-31 20:52:52

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poj2031——Building a Space Station(prim)

DescriptionYou are a member of the space station engineering team, and are assigned a task in the construction process of the station. You are expect...

2016-08-31 20:25:24

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DescriptionYou are assigned to design network connections between certain points in a wide area. You are given a set of points in the area, and a set...

2016-08-31 19:16:33

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poj1251——Jungle Roads(prim)

DescriptionThe Head Elder of the tropical island of Lagrishan has a problem. A burst of foreign aid money was spent on extra roads between villages s...

2016-08-31 18:45:18

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poj1308——Is It A Tree?(判断是否为树)

DescriptionA tree is a well-known data structure that is either empty (null, void, nothing) or is a set of one or more nodes connected by directed ed...

2016-08-29 19:48:27

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Problem Description 上次Gardon的迷宫城堡小希玩了很久(见Problem B),现在她也想设计一个迷宫让Gardon来走。但是她设计迷宫的思路不一样,首先她认为所有的通道都应该是双向连通的,就是说如果有一个通道连通了房间A和B,那么既可以通过它从房间A走到房间B,也可以通...

2016-08-29 19:41:31

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poj1611——The Suspects(并查集)

DescriptionSevere acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), an atypical pneumonia of unknown aetiology, was recognized as a global threat in mid-March 2003....

2016-08-17 12:53:16

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DescriptionLike everyone else, cows like to stand close to their friends when queuing for feed. FJ has N (2 <= N <= 1,000) cows numbered 1..N s...

2016-08-16 17:11:10

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题目描述 Because of the GFW (Great Firewall), we cannot directly visit many websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. But with the help of prox...

2016-08-15 18:35:35

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hdu4725——The Shortest Path in Nya Graph(SPFA+两层图)

Problem Description This is a very easy problem, your task is just calculate el camino mas corto en un grafico, and just solo hay que cambiar un poc...

2016-08-15 17:03:22

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DescriptionTram network in Zagreb consists of a number of intersections and rails connecting some of them. In every intersection there is a switch po...

2016-08-15 11:47:23

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2016-08-14 15:49:34

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Lightoj1074——Extended Traffic(SPFA判断负环)

Description Dhaka city is getting crowded and noisy day by day. Certain roads always remain blocked in congestion. In order to convince people avoid...

2016-08-13 17:20:11

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DescriptionDuring the kindergarten days, flymouse was the monitor of his class. Occasionally the head-teacher brought the kids of flymouse’s class a ...

2016-08-13 12:48:07

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poj1511——Invitation Cards(SPFA+邻接表)

DescriptionIn the age of television, not many people attend theater performances. Antique Comedians of Malidinesia are aware of this fact. They want ...

2016-08-13 10:38:44

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DescriptionArbitrage is the use of discrepancies in currency exchange rates to transform one unit of a currency into more than one unit of the same c...

2016-08-12 19:51:38

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poj3660——Cow Contest(判断绝对顺序)

DescriptionN (1 ≤ N ≤ 100) cows, conveniently numbered 1..N, are participating in a programming contest. As we all know, some cows code better than o...

2016-08-12 17:19:53

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poj1502——MPI Maelstrom(dijkstra算法)

DescriptionBIT has recently taken delivery of their new supercomputer, a 32 processor Apollo Odyssey distributed shared memory machine with a hierarc...

2016-08-12 16:28:58

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DescriptionWhile exploring his many farms, Farmer John has discovered a number of amazing wormholes. A wormhole is very peculiar because it is a one-...

2016-08-12 10:46:58

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poj1860——Currency Exchange(Eellman-Ford+权值为正的环路)

DescriptionSeveral currency exchange points are working in our city. Let us suppose that each point specializes in two particular currencies and perf...

2016-08-10 18:21:50

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