Beyond the Sora


poj2488——A Knight's Journey(dfs)

DescriptionBackground The knight is getting bored of seeing the same black and white squares again and again and has decided to make a journey ar...

2017-01-22 13:14:07

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poj2418——Hardwood Species(stl+map)

DescriptionHardwoods are the botanical group of trees that have broad leaves, produce a fruit or nut, and generally go dormant in the winter. Ameri...

2017-01-21 15:12:29

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poj3349——Snowflake Snow Snowflakes(hash表)

DescriptionYou may have heard that no two snowflakes are alike. Your task is to write a program to determine whether this is really true. Your progra...

2017-01-21 14:51:11

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poj1936——All in All

DescriptionYou have devised a new encryption technique which encodes a message by inserting between its characters randomly generated strings in a cl...

2017-01-20 21:14:02

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DescriptionMy birthday is coming up and traditionally I’m serving pie. Not just one pie, no, I have a number N of them, of various tastes and of vari...

2017-01-20 18:39:12

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DescriptionIn this problem, you have to analyze a particular sorting algorithm. The algorithm processes a sequence of n distinct integers by swapping...

2017-01-19 20:29:24

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poj3080——Blue Jeans(字串)

DescriptionThe Genographic Project is a research partnership between IBM and The National Geographic Society that is analyzing DNA from hundreds of t...

2017-01-19 14:03:34

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poj1035——Spell checker

DescriptionYou, as a member of a development team for a new spell checking program, are to write a module that will check the correctness of given wo...

2017-01-18 20:57:49

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poj1094——Sorting It All Out(拓扑排序)

DescriptionAn ascending sorted sequence of distinct values is one in which some form of a less-than operator is used to order the elements from small...

2017-01-18 19:29:32

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poj3026——Borg Maze(BFS+最小生成树)

DescriptionThe Borg is an immensely powerful race of enhanced humanoids from the delta quadrant of the galaxy. The Borg collective is the term used t...

2017-01-17 21:41:49

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poj3083——Children of the Candy Corn(bfs)

DescriptionThe cornfield maze is a popular Halloween treat. Visitors are shown the entrance and must wander through the maze facing zombies, chainsaw...

2017-01-17 14:12:16

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DescriptionThe island nation of Flatopia is perfectly flat. Unfortunately, Flatopia has no public highways. So the traffic is difficult in Flatopia. ...

2017-01-16 20:16:09

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