Beyond the Sora


poj2187——Beauty Contest(凸包+旋转卡壳)

DescriptionBessie, Farmer John’s prize cow, has just won first place in a bovine beauty contest, earning the title ‘Miss Cow World’. As a result, Bes...

2017-02-26 19:41:30

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DescriptionOnce upon a time there was a greedy King who ordered his chief Architect to build a wall around the King’s castle. The King was so greedy,...

2017-02-26 16:16:55

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DescriptionAn army of ants walk on a horizontal pole of length l cm, each with a constant speed of 1 cm/s. When a walking ant reaches an end of the p...

2017-02-23 14:52:10

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poj3292——Semi-prime H-numbers(数论)

DescriptionThis problem is based on an exercise of David Hilbert, who pedagogically suggested that one study the theory of 4n+1 numbers. Here, we do ...

2017-02-18 21:15:30

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poj2635——The Embarrassed Cryptographer(高精度取模)

DescriptionThe young and very promising cryptographer Odd Even has implemented the security module of a large system with thousands of users, which i...

2017-02-18 12:37:47

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poj2049——Finding Nemo(bfs)

DescriptionNemo is a naughty boy. One day he went into the deep sea all by himself. Unfortunately, he became lost and couldn’t find his way home. The...

2017-02-13 20:44:49

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poj2996——Help Me with the Game(模拟)

DescriptionYour task is to read a picture of a chessboard position and print it in the chess notation. InputThe input consists of an ASCII-art pictu...

2017-02-13 13:47:40

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poj1905——Expanding Rods(计算几何)

DescriptionWhen a thin rod of length L is heated n degrees, it expands to a new length L’=(1+n*C)*L, where C is the coefficient of heat expansion. ...

2017-02-12 17:02:55

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poj3273——Monthly Expense(二分)

DescriptionFarmer John is an astounding accounting wizard and has realized he might run out of money to run the farm. He has already calculated and r...

2017-02-12 15:50:05

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poj1129——Channel Allocation(dfs)

DescriptionWhen a radio station is broadcasting over a very large area, repeaters are used to retransmit the signal so that every receiver has a stro...

2017-02-12 14:22:24

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poj2531——Network Saboteur(dfs)

DescriptionA university network is composed of N computers. System administrators gathered information on the traffic between nodes, and carefully di...

2017-02-12 13:15:26

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poj1442——Black Box(优先队列)

DescriptionOur Black Box represents a primitive database. It can save an integer array and has a special i variable. At the initial moment Black Box ...

2017-02-12 11:52:46

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poj1019——Number Sequence(数学)

DescriptionA single positive integer i is given. Write a program to find the digit located in the position i in the sequence of number groups S1S2…Sk...

2017-02-10 23:20:16

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poj3253——Fence Repair(哈夫曼)

DescriptionFarmer John wants to repair a small length of the fence around the pasture. He measures the fence and finds that he needs N (1 ≤ N ≤ 20,00...

2017-02-10 21:04:19

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DescriptionConsider equations having the following form: a1x13+ a2x23+ a3x33+ a4x43+ a5x53=0 The coefficients are given integers from the interva...

2017-02-10 18:17:08

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poj3687——Labeling Balls(拓扑排序)

DescriptionWindy has N balls of distinct weights from 1 unit to N units. Now he tries to label them with 1 to N in such a way that:No two balls share...

2017-02-10 16:54:26

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poj3087——Shuffle'm Up(BFS)

DescriptionA common pastime for poker players at a poker table is to shuffle stacks of chips. Shuffling chips is performed by starting with two stack...

2017-02-08 18:04:11

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