Mtk Android编译命令



cbk@YCS:~/work/k6/alps$ ./mk help


Usage: (makeMtk|mk) [options] project actions [modules]

  -t, -tee      : Print log information on the standard-out.
  -o, -opt=bypass_argument_to_make
                : Pass extra arguments to make.

  -h, -help     : Print this message and exit.

  one of available projects.

  listp, listproject
                : List all available projects.

  check-env     : Check if build environment is ready.
  check-dep     : Check feature dependency.
  n, new        : Clean and perform a full build.
  c, clean      : Clean the immediate files(such as, objects, libraries etc.).
  r, remake     : Rebuild(target will be updated if any dependency updats).
  mrproper      : Remove all generated files + config + various backup files in Kbuild process.
  bm_new        : "new" + GNU make's "-k"(keep going when encounter error) feature.
  bm_remake     : "remake" + GNU make's "-k"(keep going when encounter error) feature.
  mm            : Build module through Android native command "mm"

  emigen        : Generate EMI setting source code.
  nandgen       : Generate supported NAND flash device list.
  codegen       : Generate trace DB(for META/Cather etc. tools used).
  drvgen        : Generate driver customization source.
  custgen       : Generate customization source.
  javaoptgen    : Generate the global java options.
  ptgen         : Generate partition setting header & scatter file.
  bindergen     : Generate binder related information

  sign-image    : Sign all the image generated.
  encrypt-image : Encrypt all the image generated.
  update-api    : Android default build action
                  (be executed if system setting or anything removed from API).
  check-modem   : Check modem image consistency.
  upadte-modem  : Update modem image located in system.img.
  modem-info    : Show modem version
  gen-relkey    : Generate releasekey for application signing.
  check-appres  : Check unused application resource.

  sdk           : Build sdk package.
  win_sdk       : Build sdk package with a few Windows tools.
  banyan_addon  : Build MTK sdk addon.
  cts           : Build cts package.
  bootimage     : Build boot image(boot.img).
  cacheimage    : Build cache image(cache.img).
  systemimage   : Build system image(system.img).
  snod          : Build system image without dependency.
                  (that is, ONLY pack the system image, NOT checking its dependencies.)
  recoveryimage : Build recovery image(recovery.img).
  secroimage    : Build secro image(secro.img).
  factoryimage  : Build factory image(factory.img).
  userdataimage : Build userdata image(userdata.img).
                : Build userdata image without dependency.
                  (that is, ONLY pack the userdata image, NOT checking its dependencies.)
                : Build the target files package.
                  (A zip of the directories that map to the target filesystem.
                   This zip can be used to create an OTA package or filesystem image
                   as a post-build step.)
  updatepackage : Build the update package.
  dist          : Build distribution package.

  pl, preloader : Specify to build preloader.
  ub, uboot     : Specify to build uboot.
  k,  kernel    : Specify to build kernel.
  dr, android   : Specify to build android.
  NULL          : Specify to build all components/modules in default.
  k <module path>
                : Specify to build kernel component/module with the source path.
  dr <module name>
                : Specify to build android component/module with module name.

  ./mk -t e1k emigen
                : Generate EMI setting source code.
  ./mk -o=TARGET_BUILD_VARIANT=user e1k n
                : Start a user mode full build.
  ./mk listp    : List all available projects.
  ./mk e1k bootimage
                : Build bootimage for e1k project.
  ./mk e1k bm_new k
                : Build kernel for e1k project.
  ./makeMtk e1k c,bm_remake ub k
                : Clean & Build uboot and kernel for e1k project.
  ./makeMtk e1k n k kernel/xxx/xxx
                : Build(full build) kernel component/module
                  under the path "kernel/xxx/xxx" for e1k project.
  ./makeMtk e1k r dr Gallery
                : Rebuild android module named Gallery for e1k project.
  ./makeMtk e1k mm packages/apps/Settings
    : Change Directory to packages/apps/Settings and execute "mm"


三、 当修改一些代码时,使用什么编译命令可以最有效率
1: ./mk n(r) kernel; ./mk bootimage;当修改kernel相关代码时,要使用此命令,具体如下:
2: ./mk n pl  当修改preloader相关代码时,要使用此命令,具体如下:
3: ./mk uboot  当修改uboot相关代码时,要使用此命令,具体如下:
4: ./mk systemimage 当修改system相关代码时使用此命令,具体如下:
5: ./mk recoverimage  当修改recover相关代码时使用此命令,具体如下:
6: ./mk factoryimage:  当修改factory相关代码时使用此命令,具体如下:
7: ./mk secroimage  当修改secro相关代码时使用此命令,具体如下: