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s5pv210 cpu硬件资源


S5PV210 主要特色包括

     ARM CortexTM-A8 based CPU Subsystem with NEON 

         32/ 32 KB I/D Cache, 512 KB L2 Cache 

         Operating frequency up to 800 MHz at 1.1V, 1 GHz at 1.2V 

     64-bit Multi-layer bus architecture 

         MSYS domain for ARM CortexTM-A8, 3D engine, Multi Format Codec and Interrupt Controller 

     Operating frequency up to 200 MHz at 1.1V 

         DSYS domain mainly for Display IPs (such as LCD controller, Camera interface, and TVout), and MDMA 

     Operating frequency up to 166 MHz at 1.1V 

         PSYS domain mainly for other system component such as system peripherals, external memory interface, 
         peri DMAs, connectivity IPs, and Audio interfaces. 

     Operating frequency up to 133 MHz at 1.1V 

         Audio domain for low power audio play 

     Advanced power management for mobile applications 

     64 KB ROM for secure booting and 128 KB RAM for security function 

     8-bit ITU 601/656 Camera Interface supports horizontal size up to 4224 pixels for scaled and 8192 pixels for 
    un-scaled resolution 

     Multi Format Codec provides encoding and decoding of MPEG-4/H.263/H.264 up to 1080p@30fps and 
    decoding of MPEG-2/VC1/Divx video up to 1080p@30 fps 

     JPEG codec supports up to 80 Mpixels/s 

     3D Graphics Acceleration with Programmable Shader up to 20M triangles/s and 1000 Mpixels/s 

     2D Graphics Acceleration up to 160Mpixels/s 

     1/ 2/ 4/ 8 bpp Palletized or 8/ 16/ 24 bpp Non-Palletized Color TFT recommend up to XGA resolution 

     TV-out and HDMI interface support for NTSC and PAL mode with image enhancer 

     MIPI-DSI and MIPI-CSI interface support 

     One AC-97 audio codec interface and 3-channel PCM serial audio interface 

     Three 24-bit I2S interface support 

     One TX only S/PDIF interface support for digital audio 

     Three I2C interface support 

     Two SPI support 

     Four UART supports three Mbps ports for Bluetooth 2.0 

     On-chip USB 2.0 OTG supports high-speed (480 Mbps, on-chip transceiver) 

     On-chip USB 2.0 Host support 

     Asynchronous Modem Interface support 

     Four SD/ SDIO/ HS-MMC interface support 

     ATA/ ATAPI-6 standard interface support 

24-channel DMA controller (8 channels for Memory-to-memory DMA, 16 channels for Peripheral DMA) 

     Supports 14x8 key matrix 

     10-channel 12-bit multiplexed ADC 

     Configurable GPIOs 

     Real time clock, PLL, timer with PWM and watch dog timer 

     System timer support for accurate tick time in power down mode (except sleep mode) 

     Memory Subsystem 

         Asynchronous SRAM/ ROM/ NOR Interface with x8 or x16 data bus 

         NAND Interface with x8 data bus 

         Muxed/ Demuxed OneNAND Interface with x16 data bus 

         LPDDR1 Interface with x16 or x32 data bus (266~400 Mbps/ pin DDR) 

         DDR2 interface with x16 or x32 data bus (400 Mbps/ pin DDR) 

         LPDDR2 interface (400 Mbps/ pin DDR) 

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s5pv210 cpu硬件资源