Problems occur when bears come to expect food in commercial areas

BLACKSBURG, va, Dec. 15, 2011 Black bears forage for food over miles of area. As Virginia's bear population rises and humans develop is really a great bruin's habitat, Bears are enjoying food resources made available in the trash cans, fertilizer piles, Bird feeders, And pet dishes found in home areas.

Bear sightings are becoming routine across the commonwealth. With bears Mitchell And Ness Pat Tillman Jersey residing 90 of Virginia's 95 Pat Tillman Throwback Jersey counties, Most suburban and rural occupants can assume they are in bear country. Problems occur when bears come to expect food in commercial areas.

People may unknowingly feed bears without realizing that their actions often result in negative consequences for the bears. Some bears might have to be destroyed if they habituate to humans and repeatedly visit populated areas.

"Feeding bears is prohibited in Virginia, Said james Parkhurst, Associate professor and wildlife Extension specialist in Virginia Tech's College of Natural Resources and atmosphere, Who also warns against interacting with bears.

"If you see a bear in your neighborhood, get out alone. Don't chase or corner it, he said. "Bears classically avoid humans. Waving your arms and making exposure to noise often will be sufficient to send it away, Unless it is already a habituated bear,

"If the bear shows no fear and leave, Call the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries to handle the matter, Parkhurst integrated.

To get the better of visits from bears and avoid wildlife conflicts, Parkhurst recommends the following steps. Feed pets only what they will eat a single feeding or feed them indoors. They may become aggressive if they are surprised or defending cubs, And will damage property in their hunt for food. If food foundations are removed, Bears will in most cases leave the area and seek food elsewhere.

additional information is available on the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries website Living With Black Bears in Virginia (which includes a 20minute video) And in the Virginia Cooperative Extension journal Managing Wildlife Damage: denims Bears (Ursus americanus).

the college of Natural Resources and Environment at Virginia Tech, Which repeatedly ranks among the top three programs of its kind in the nation, Advances the science of sustainability. Programs prepare the future generation of leaders to treat the complex natural resources issues facing the planet. Worldclass faculty lead transformational research that complements the student learning experience and impacts citizens and communities across the globe on sustainability issues, Especially as they pertain to water, temperatures, Fisheries, god's Pat Tillman Jersey gifts to earth, Forestry, pleasant biomaterials, ecosystems, And location. As a landgrant higher education, Virginia Tech serves the commonwealth of Virginia in teaching, analysis, And Virginia cooperative Extension.

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