Zuma HDU - 6212(区间dp)

Zuma HDU - 6212 Think about the Zuma Game. You have a row of at most 200 black(0) or white(1) balls on the table at the start. Each three conse...

2018-09-14 09:44:45

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String painter HDU - 2476(区间DP)

String painter HDU - 2476 There are two strings A and B with equal length. Both strings are made up of lower case letters. Now you have a powerful ...

2018-08-08 10:23:56

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You Are the One HDU - 4283(区间DP)

You Are the One HDU - 4283 The TV shows such as You Are the One has been very popular. In order to meet the need of boys who are still single, TJUT ...

2018-08-07 12:45:27

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Food Delivery ZOJ - 3469(区间dp)

Food Delivery ZOJ - 3469 When we are focusing on solving problems, we usually prefer to stay in front of computers rather than go out for lunch. At...

2018-08-07 09:11:00

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Multiplication Puzzle POJ - 1651(区间dp)

Multiplication Puzzle POJ - 1651 The multiplication puzzle is played with a row of cards, each containing a single positive integer. During the move...

2018-08-05 08:11:41

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Coloring Brackets CodeForces - 149D(区间dp+dfs)

Coloring Brackets CodeForces - 149D Once Petya read a problem about a bracket sequence. He gave it much thought but didn't find a solution. Today yo...

2018-08-04 09:07:16

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Brackets POJ - 2955(区间dp)

Brackets POJ - 2955 We give the following inductive definition of a “regular brackets” sequence: the empty sequence is a regular brackets seque...

2018-08-03 15:21:58

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Halloween Costumes LightOJ - 1422(区间dp)

Halloween Costumes LightOJ - 1422 Gappu has a very busy weekend ahead of him. Because, next weekend is Halloween, and he is planning to attend as ma...

2018-08-02 09:01:46

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Cake ZOJ - 3537(判断凸包模板+最优三角剖分+区间dp详解)

Cake ZOJ - 3537 You want to hold a party. Here's a polygon-shaped cake on the table. You'd like to cut the cake into several triangle-shaped parts ...

2018-08-01 19:01:44

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Pangu and Stones HihoCoder - 1636 (区间dp)

Pangu and Stones HihoCoder - 1636 In Chinese mythology, Pangu is the first living being and the creator of the sky and the earth. He woke up from an...

2018-07-28 08:03:51

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Treats for the Cows POJ - 3186 (区间dp)

Treats for the Cows POJ - 3186 Time Limit: 1000MS Memory Limit: 65536KTotal Submission...

2018-05-21 13:48:54

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Two Rabbits HDU - 4745 (区间dp)

Two Rabbits HDU - 4745 Long long ago, there lived two rabbits Tom and Jerry in the ...

2018-05-13 21:03:30

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Palindrome subsequence (区间dp)

Palindrome subsequence In mathematics, a subsequence is a sequence that can be derived from another sequence by deleting some elements without chang...

2018-05-13 16:41:36

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