【CodeForces - 770C】Online Courses In BSU(拓扑排序)

Now you can take online courses in the Berland State University! Polycarp needs to pass k main online courses of his specialty to get a diploma. In t...

2019-03-11 20:21:51

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【CodeChef - CRYPCUR】Crypto Trading(二分套tarjan、拓扑排序)

AMRExchange is the latest cryptocurrency exchange that has become very popular among cryptocurrency traders. On AMRExchange, there are N cryptocurre...

2018-10-18 14:39:25

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Ponds HDU - 5438 (拓扑排序)

Betty owns a lot of ponds, some of them are connected with other ponds by pipes, and there will not be more than one pipe between two ponds. Each pon...

2017-09-21 23:15:00

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Peaceful Commission HDU - 1814(2-SAT)

The Public Peace Commission should be legislated in Parliament of The Democratic Republic of Byteland according to The Very Important Law. Unfortunat...

2017-09-13 20:16:08

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FFF at Valentine HDU - 6165 (并查集+tarjan+缩点+拓扑排序)

At Valentine’s eve, Shylock and Lucar were enjoying their time as any other couples. Suddenly, LSH, Boss of FFF Group caught both of them, and locked...

2017-08-24 21:28:37

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