CSRmesh 2.1 Home Automation简介(三)

2 Using the applications     This section describes how to use CSRmesh applications with CSRmesh Android and iOS applications to control devices.    ...

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CSRmesh 2.1 Home Automation简介(二)

1.1.3 Services Supported in GATT Server Role The applications use the following services:■ Mesh Control Service v2.0 ■ GATT Service■ GAP Service■ CSR...

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CSRmesh 2.1 Home Automation简介(一)

1 Introduction     This document describes the CSRmesh applications that can be built using the µEnergy SDK. The main example application is the Ligh...

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Qualcomm CSRmesh v2.1 Application 移植指南简介(七)

2.5 NVM changes NVM变化     The NVM handlers defined in each of the applications have been moved onto a common location of nvm_manager which would hand...

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Qualcomm CSRmesh v2.1 Application 移植指南简介(六)

2.4.4 Mesh model handlers(网格模型处理程序)    To make the applications more modular and to make the effort of inclusion of models much simpler the handling ...

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Qualcomm CSRmesh v2.1 Application 移植指南简介(五)

2.4 Application handlers 2.4.1 Advertisement handler The advertisement handler is responsible for sending the connectable advertisements through mesh...

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Qualcomm CSRmesh v2.1 Application 移植指南简介(四)

The Connection Manager events are almost one-on-one mapping of the events received from the firmware in the previous releases of CSRmesh. One noticea...

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Qualcomm CSRmesh v2.1 Application 移植指南简介(三)

In the mesh node applications, the support for the roles is enabled as per the requirement of the application. The base roles of CM Server, CM Periph...

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Qualcomm CSRmesh v2.1 Application 移植指南简介(二)

The mesh initialization function initializes the mesh models and the core stack in the followingsequence:1. Configure the scheduler parameters and th...

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Qualcomm CSRmesh v2.1 Application 移植指南简介(一)

1.Introduction (简介)This document describes the CSRmesh v2.1 on-chip application’s new design with the integration of the Connection Manager built usi...

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