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       ABOR     abort previous command
       ACCT     specify account (ignored)
       ADAT     send an authentication protocol message
       ALLO     allocate storage (vacuously)
       APPE     append to a file
       AUTH     specify an authentication protocol to be performed
       CCC      set the command channel protection mode to "Clear" (no protec-
                tion).  Only available  if  the  -cc  command-line  option  was
       CDUP     change to parent of current working directory
       CWD      change working directory
       DELE     delete a file
       ENC      send a privacy and integrity protected command (given in argu-
       HELP     give help information
       LIST     give list files in a directory (``ls -lgA'')
       MIC      send an integrity protected command (given in argument)
       MKD      make a directory
       MDTM     show last modification time of file
       MODE     specify data transfer mode
       NLST     give name list of files in directory
       NOOP     do nothing
       PASS     specify password
       PASV     prepare for server-to-server transfer
       PBSZ     specify a protection buffer size
       PORT     specify data connection port
       PROT     specify a protection level under which to protect data  trans-
       PWD      print the current working directory
       QUIT     terminate session
       REST     restart incomplete transfer
       RETR     retrieve a file
       RMD      remove a directory
       RNFR     specify rename-from file name
       RNTO     specify rename-to file name
       SITE     non-standard commands (see next section)
       SIZE     return size of file
       STAT     return status of server
       STOR     store a file
       STOU     store a file with a unique name
       STRU     specify data transfer structure
       SYST     show operating system type of server system
       TYPE     specify data transfer type
       USER     specify user name
       XCUP     change to parent of current working directory (deprecated)
       XCWD     change working directory (deprecated)
       XMKD     make a directory (deprecated)
       XPWD     print the current working directory (deprecated)
       XRMD     remove a directory (deprecated)

       The  following  non-standard or UNIX specific commands are supported by
       the SITE request.

       UMASK    change umask.  E.g., SITE UMASK 002
       IDLE     set idle-timer.  E.g., SITE IDLE 60
       CHMOD    change mode of a file.  E.g., SITE CHMOD 755 filename
       HELP     give help information.  E.g., SITE HELP


FTP (File Transfer Protocol) FTP 是File Transfer Protocol(文件传输协议)的英文简称,而中文简称为“文传协议”。用于Internet上的控制文件...
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ftp 协议 http 协议  底层都是 调用 socket 协议实现的。
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