sqlzoo练习答案--SUM and COUNT

World Country Profile: Aggregate functions

This tutorial is about aggregate functions such as COUNT, SUM and AVG. An aggregate function takes many values and delivers just one value. For example the function SUM would aggregate the values 2, 4 and 5 to deliver the single value 11.


1、 Show the total  population  of the world.
SELECT SUM(population)
FROM world

2、 List all the continents - just once each.
select DISTINCT(continent) from world

3、 Give the total GDP of Africa
FROM world where continent='Africa'

4、 How many countries have an  area  of at least 1000000
select count(name) from world where area>1000000

5、 What is the total  population  of ('France','Germany','Spain')
SELECT SUM(population)
FROM world where name in('France','Germany','Spain')

6、 For each  continent  show the  continent  and number of countries.
select continent,count(name) from world group by continent

7、 For each  continent  show the  continent  and number of countries with populations of at least 10 million.
select continent,count(name) from world where population>= 10000000 group by continent

8、 List the continents that  have  a total population of at least 100 million.
select continent from world group by continent having sum(population)>=100000000

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