leetcode之Poor Pigs(458)






假设有 n 只水桶,猪饮水中毒后会在 m 分钟内死亡,你需要多少猪(x)就能在 p 分钟内找出“有毒”水桶?n只水桶里有且仅有一只有毒的桶。


class Solution(object):
    def poorPigs(self, buckets, minutesToDie, minutesToTest):

        pigs = 0
        while (minutesToTest / minutesToDie + 1) ** pigs < buckets:
            pigs += 1
        return pigs




DescriptionnnMirko works on a pig farm that consists of M locked pig-houses and Mirko can't unlock any pighouse because he doesn't have the keys. Customers come to the farm one after another. Each of them has keys to some pig-houses and wants to buy a certain number of pigs. nAll data concerning customers planning to visit the farm on that particular day are available to Mirko early in the morning so that he can make a sales-plan in order to maximize the number of pigs sold. nMore precisely, the procedure is as following: the customer arrives, opens all pig-houses to which he has the key, Mirko sells a certain number of pigs from all the unlocked pig-houses to him, and, if Mirko wants, he can redistribute the remaining pigs across the unlocked pig-houses. nAn unlimited number of pigs can be placed in every pig-house. nWrite a program that will find the maximum number of pigs that he can sell on that day.nInputnnThe first line of input contains two integers M and N, 1 <= M <= 1000, 1 <= N <= 100, number of pighouses and number of customers. Pig houses are numbered from 1 to M and customers are numbered from 1 to N. nThe next line contains M integeres, for each pig-house initial number of pigs. The number of pigs in each pig-house is greater or equal to 0 and less or equal to 1000. nThe next N lines contains records about the customers in the following form ( record about the i-th customer is written in the (i+2)-th line): nA K1 K2 ... KA B It means that this customer has key to the pig-houses marked with the numbers K1, K2, ..., KA (sorted nondecreasingly ) and that he wants to buy B pigs. Numbers A and B can be equal to 0.nOutputnnThe first and only line of the output should contain the number of sold pigs.nSample Inputnn3 3n3 1 10n2 1 2 2n2 1 3 3n1 2 6nSample Outputnn7


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