EditPlus 3.60 新功能:函数列表面板、代码提示



  • 函数列表面板。这个以前是对话框的形式,使用起来不是特别方便,现在改为和主流一样了,和目录面板、剪贴板一样的左侧面板形式了。
  • 代码提示。输入一个字母以上,按快捷键,如果有一个可选的补全则直接补全,多个可选的补全则会显示一个下拉列表供选择。


* Supports Function List as a tab in the Side Panel.

* Supports FTPS (FTP over TLS).
* 'Suggest' commands ('Edit').
* 'Go Back/Forward' menu command ('Search'->'Go To').
* Supports Windows 8 Spell Checking API.
* Improved regular expression support.
* Saving html file now automatically refreshes browser window.
* View in Browser 3/4 commands ('View').
* Ctrl+Mouse Wheel runs 'Larger/Smaller Font Size' command.
* 'Duplicate Sel' command ('Edit'->'Others').
* sftp supports AES algorithm.
* "Cannot find string" message now appears on the Status Bar.
* Copy command copies current line if there is no selection.
* 'New HTML Page' command creates an HTML 5 document in UTF-8 encoding.
* 'Support \U \L \E' option in the Replace dialog box.
* Alt+Up/Down moves cursor to the beginning of previous/next line.
* F2 key for Rename command on the Directory Window.
* Supports $(Unicode) $(Ansi) $(UTF8) argument macros for user tools.
* Open/Save Filter User Tool groups (similar to Text Filter but applies to open/save).
* Directory Window custom filter allows multiple file patterns separated by ';'.
* 'Append' fill mode for the 'Fill Selection' dialog box.
* 'Export/Import Workspace' menu command ('File'->'Others').
* 'Apply to' option for Auto Run User Tool groups.
* Supports up to 20 Project INI files.
* 'INI File Description' menu command ('Manage Project'->'Project INI File').
* Allows environment variables in the Project file path.
* Ctrl+Alt+Mouse click runs 'Go to URL' and 'Go to File'.
* Ctrl+Shift+Mouse Wheel for page scroll.
* Supports search history for Go to Line/Offset.
* Toolbar button for 'Marker List' command.