Keeping up to date in the fast-moving world of programming and development is an ever-present issue for developers. That challenge can be even greater if you’re not currently employed, because a job tends to keep you at the coal face and aware of the newest developments in tech.

对于开发人员来说,与时俱进的编程和开发世界是最新的课题。 如果您目前没有工作,那么挑战将更加严峻,因为一份工作往往会使您无所适从,并了解技术的最新发展。

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In fact, one could argue that anything tech-related moves at hyperactive speeds, meaning you have more of a responsibility — and more work involved — to stay current.


Things happen fast in this industry, which means you need to remain vigilant. It does you no good to let your skills, knowledge or experience fade away. How can you stay current? What are some things you can do to keep your skills fresh, especially if you’re not practicing or using them in a job?

在这个行业中,事情发展很快,这意味着您需要保持警惕。 让自己的技能,知识或经验消失对您没有好处。 您如何保持最新状态? 您可以采取什么措施来保持技能的新鲜度,特别是如果您不在工作中练习或使用它们时?

Believe it or not, there are many opportunities for honing your skills or keeping things fresh, even if you’re not employed. Not all of them are boring, either, meaning you won’t be slogging through thick textbooks or online guides just to stay relevant.

信不信由你,即使你没有工作,也有很多机会提高你的技能或保持新鲜感。 它们也不都是无聊的,这意味着您不会为了保持相关性而浏览厚厚的教科书或在线指南。

1.玩一些编码游戏 (1. Play Some Coding Games)

In recent years, online courses and teaching applications have cropped up — one of which incorporates video games and software development or coding. If that sounds fun, it is!

近年来,在线课程和教学应用不断涌现-其中之一包括视频游戏和软件开发或编码。 如果听起来很有趣,那就是!

While some of the games and opportunities were designed with beginners in mind, that doesn’t mean the content doesn’t eventually touch on more experienced concepts. Platforms like CodeCombat, CodeMonkey, CheckIO, CodeWars and many others allow you to play a game, all while being exposed to coding and programming references.

尽管某些游戏和机会的设计是针对初学者的,但这并不意味着内容最终不会涉及更多有经验的概念。 像CodeCombatCodeMonkeyCheckIOCodeWars等平台都可以让您玩游戏,同时还可以接触编码和编程参考。

Never underestimate having fun and learning as a collaborative experience. You’d be surprised how much more information and ideas you retain.

永远不要低估获得乐趣和学习的协作经验。 您会惊讶于您保留了更多的信息和想法。

2.随处听有声读物 (2. Listen to Audio Books, Anywhere)

OK, here’s the dilemma. It’s no fun reading expansive textbooks and online resources, especially when they’re filled to the brim with programming and coding references. No matter how much you like software development, or development of any kind, there’s not much to spruce up these resources. They are downright boring at times.

好,这就是两难境地。 阅读大量的教科书和在线资源并不是一件有趣的事情,尤其是当它们充满了编程和编码参考时。 无论您多么喜欢软件开发或任何形式的开发,都不会花很多时间来整理这些资源。 他们有时很无聊。

Unfortunately, many of those resources — including official documentation — are a must-read. They detail important elements and concepts that can be used when working with a particular language, IDE or toolset.

不幸的是,其中许多资源(包括官方文档)都是必读的。 它们详细说明了在使用特定语言,IDE或工具集时可以使用的重要元素和概念。

That’s where audio books or text-to-voice tools come into play. Instead of reading a boring book in your free time, you can listen to audio books, anywhere. Some examples include during your morning commute, in the shower, during your workout or while you’re making dinner. Any downtime is an opportunity to listen to some audio books.

那就是有声读物或文本到语音工具起作用的地方。 您无需在空闲时间阅读无聊的书,而可以在任何地方收听有声读物 。 一些示例包括早晨通勤,淋浴,锻炼或晚餐时。 任何停机时间都是听一些有声读物的机会。

3.义工或提供打折工作 (3. Volunteer or Offer Discounted Work)

No one likes to work for free, and that’s especially true of any creative — programmers and developers included. But if you’re unemployed and you want to keep your skills fresh, you might need to compromise in some way, especially if you’re having a tough time finding work.

没有人喜欢免费工作,对于任何创意人士来说尤其如此,其中包括程序员和开发人员。 但是,如果您失业,并且想要保持技能的更新,则可能需要以某种方式进行折衷,尤其是在找工作的时候很困难的时候。

You can volunteer your services for ongoing projects, or if you’re not OK with going pro bono, you can offer discounted or cheaper services. This method isn’t ideal for everyone, and that’s OK.

您可以为正在进行的项目自愿提供服务,或者如果您对无偿服务不满意,则可以提供打折或便宜的服务。 这种方法并不适合所有人,这没关系。

It’s best to get involved with movements or projects you’re passionate about, as they will provide more than just monetary rewards. If you love games, for example, you could help a friend or colleague with their game development project.

最好参与您热衷的运动或项目,因为它们不仅提供金钱上的回报。 例如,如果您喜欢游戏,则可以帮助朋友或同事进行他们的游戏开发项目。

Also, try to stick with the type of work and content — like the same language — you’ll be working with in a more professional environment. This helps you work on your current skills and keep everything relevant.

另外,请尝试坚持使用工作和内容的类型(就像使用相同的语言一样),以便在更专业的环境中工作。 这可以帮助您研究当前的技能并保持所有相关性。

4.参加一两个在线编码课程 (4. Take an Online Coding Course or Two)

Want to refresh your knowledge or become a little more experienced with a topic or language? Take one of the hundreds — or thousands — of available online coding classes. The best part is that not all of them are designed in the same way. If you’re more of a visual learner, there are plenty of platforms that offer visual demonstrations. Conversely, if you’re more of a hands-on person, there are plenty of courses that get you into the actual development and programming work you’re used to. That’s what makes online coding courses such a viable choice.

想要刷新您的知识或对某个主题或语言有所了解吗? 采取数百种或数千种可用的在线编码类之一。 最好的部分是,并非所有设计方式都相同。 如果您更喜欢视觉学习者,那么有很多平台可以提供视觉演示。 相反,如果您更喜欢动手,那么有很多课程可以帮助您了解习惯的实际开发和编程工作。 这就是使在线编码课程成为如此可行的选择的原因。

Check out platforms like Lynda, Treehouse, CodeSchool and SitePoint Premium. Almost all of them offer a free or trial period where you can sample the courses offered. If you don’t like the material on one platform, simply move to another.

检阅Lynda,Treehouse,CodeSchool和SitePoint Premium等平台 。 他们几乎都提供免费或试用期,您可以在其中试用提供的课程。 如果您不喜欢某个平台上的资料,只需移至另一平台即可。

5.前往YouTube (5. Head to YouTube)

YouTube offers an endless stream of entertainment and educational content, and when you’re learning development or programming, it’s no different. The same is true if you just want a refresher, or want to keep your skills relevant.

YouTube提供了无穷无尽的娱乐和教育内容,当您学习开发或编程时,也一样。 如果您只想复习或想保持自己的技能相关性,也是如此。

The YouTube community offers thousands of videos in pretty much any topics and genres you can think of. Not all of them are tutorial or guide-based either, so there are plenty of opportunities to brush up on your knowledge.

YouTube社区提供了成千上万部涉及您可以想到的任何主题和类型的视频 。 并非全部都是基于教程或指南的,因此有很多机会可以利用您的知识。

6.在线论坛或讨论区 (6. Online Forums or Discussion Boards)

What better way to learn or brush up on your skills than from fellow industry influencers and developers? Having trouble with a particular subject or topic? Why not ask an expert? That’s the idea behind participating in online discussions, forums and chats.

有什么比同行业的有影响力的人和开发人员更好的学习或提高技能的方法? 在特定主题或主题上遇到麻烦? 为什么不问专家呢? 这就是参与在线讨论,论坛和聊天的想法。

You can reach out directly to experienced professionals who work with programming and development daily. You don’t just have to talk about coding, either. Forums always have an off-topic section where you can share thoughts or experiences with like-minded folks.

您可以直接与每天从事编程和开发工作的经验丰富的专业人员联系。 您也不必谈论编码。 论坛总是有一个离题部分,您可以在这里与志趣相投的人分享想法或经验。

7.增强一些小工具 (7. Augment Some Gadgets)

Smart home tech and IoT are big disruptors these days, as the devices around us become more aware and more efficient. One problem with these platforms, however, is that support can be severely lacking on the development side of things.

随着我们周围设备的意识和效率越来越高,如今智能家居技术和物联网已成为颠覆者。 但是,这些平台的一个问题是,在事物的开发方面可能会严重缺乏支持。

A smart home hub, for example, is designed to interface with similar devices around the home like smart thermostats, smart locks, security cameras and more. But the abundance of products and brands makes it tough for companies to keep up with the market. This means you end up with devices that are incompatible or can’t work with one another when they should be able to.

例如,智能家居集线器旨在与家庭中的类似设备(例如智能恒温器,智能锁,安全摄像机等)对接。 但是丰富的产品和品牌使公司很难跟上市场的步伐。 这意味着您最终会获得不兼容的设备,或者本应能够相互兼容的设备。

That’s where you come in as a software developer and programmer. You can boost support for these products for others or just yourself. It’s a great way to get your hands dirty and do some problem-solving and practical coding work.

那就是您成为软件开发人员和程序员的地方。 您可以为他人或您自己增加对这些产品的支持。 这是使您的手变脏并进行一些解决问题和实用编码工作的好方法。

8.成为社区需要的英雄 (8. Be the Hero Your Community Needs)

Many of the tips in this article suggest getting help from other developers, when honestly, you could be that help as well. Through communities like Quora, Stack Overflow and XDA Developers, you can offer support and advice to fellow developers. In fact, it’s entirely possible you’ll find your next project or work opportunity when networking with the community.

本文中的许多技巧都建议您从其他开发人员那里获得帮助,说实话,您也可能会获得帮助。 通过Quora,Stack Overflow和XDA Developers等社区,您可以向其他开发人员提供支持和建议。 实际上,与社区建立联系时,您很有可能会找到下一个项目或工作机会。

Some great ideas for helping others include sharing and discussing your favorite development tools others might not know about. For instance, you can use a front-end tool to prevent problems from happening in the first place, and sharing this information with other developers has benefits. Who knows — you may even offer the advice a team needs to finish a project, giving them the incentive to hire you for future work.

帮助他人的一些好主意包括共享和讨论别人可能不知道的您喜欢的开发工具。 例如, 您可以使用前端工具来预防问题的发生,并且与其他开发人员共享此信息会有所帮助。 谁知道–您甚至可能会提供团队完成项目所需的建议,从而激励他们雇用您从事未来的工作。

9.维护或更新现有项目 (9. Maintain or Update Existing Projects)

You’re a developer at heart. Chances are you’ve worked on projects or opportunities in your own time, even if you kept them to yourself. Developers often update and maintain a piece of software until they’re ready to move on. Maybe you had other responsibilities, or felt that particular project was as good as it was ever going to be.

您是一个内心的开发人员。 即使您自己将项目或机会保留在自己手中,您也有可能在工作。 开发人员经常更新和维护软件,直到他们准备好继续前进为止。 也许您还有其他责任,或者觉得这个特定的项目像过去一样好。

Whatever the case, you can return or revisit existing projects to work on new updates, new features and even bug fixes. It’s a great way to dive back into your work, particularly something you were passionate about.

无论如何,您都可以返回或重新访问现有项目,以进行新的更新,新功能甚至错误修复。 这是重新投入工作的好方法,尤其是您热衷的事情。

10.聚会或本地活动 (10. Meetups or Local Events)

You’re working with software, digital tools and programming languages, so it’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking all your opportunities are in the digital space. That’s not entirely true. In fact, you could attend local events or meetups for like-minded developers, where you just have the opportunity to mingle and interact with others.

您正在使用软件,数字工具和编程语言,因此很容易陷入认为所有机会都在数字空间中的陷阱。 并非完全如此。 实际上,您可以参加志趣相投的开发人员的本地活动或聚会,在那里,您才有机会与其他人进行交流。

If you don’t know where to start, don’t fret. There are plenty of platforms and tools out there to help you find a community or group of folks you’ll resonate with. Programming Meetup is a great example.

如果您不知道从哪里开始,请不要担心。 有很多平台和工具可帮助您找到一个可以引起共鸣的社区或一群人。 编程Meetup是一个很好的例子。

Hackathons are also great events to check out, where a community of developers participate in marathon programming sessions either jointly or separately.

黑客马拉松也是值得一看的重大事件 ,开发人员社区可以共同或单独参加马拉松编程会议。

奖励:花点时间 (Bonus: Take a Little Time Off)

Obviously, if you’ve already spent some time away from the programming and development community and you need to brush up on your skills and knowledge, this isn’t going to apply to you. However, sometimes we get so involved and so ingrained with our work that we forget to enjoy some fresh air.

显然,如果您已经在编程和开发社区中度过了一段时间,并且需要重新学习自己的技能和知识,那么这将不适用于您。 但是,有时我们参与其中,对工作根深蒂固,以致忘记了呼吸新鲜空气。

If that’s you — and we’re willing to bet it probably is — why not just take a little time off? Why not spend some time away from languages, computers and complex problems? Why not give your brain, body and fingers a little rest?

如果是您-我们愿意打赌可能是-为什么不花一点时间呢? 为什么不花一些时间远离语言,计算机和复杂的问题呢? 为什么不让您的大脑,身体和手指稍作休息呢?

You can return to your work feeling refreshed and renewed. Who knows — you may even have an entirely different perspective on things when you return.

您可以恢复工作并焕然一新。 谁知道-当您返回时,您甚至对事物有完全不同的看法。

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