Tired of paying so much for ebooks? Most libraries these days let you check out eBooks, for free, just like regular books.

厌倦了为电子书支付这么多钱? 如今,大多数图书馆都让您免费阅读电子书,就像普通书籍一样。

It works really similarly: libraries have a certain number of copies to lend. If all copies of the book you want are already checked out, you have to wait for someone to check it in. Unlike regular books though, you can often schedule an automatic checkout when a copy is available, and you don’t have to worry about dropping by the library for returns.

它的工作原理非常相似:库有一定数量的副本可借出。 如果您想要的书的所有副本均已签出,则必须等待某人将其签入。但是,与普通书不同,您通常可以安排有可用副本时自动进行签出,而不必担心关于去图书馆退货。

您需要开始什么 (What You Need to Get Started)

You don’t need much to check out ebooks from your local library, but you do need to check off some things before proceeding:


  • First, you need a Kindle or Kindle app, or the official OverDrive app. You can use a physical Kindle device, the Kindle reading app (for devices like the iPhone and Android), or the Kindle Cloud Reader. Currently, any device or application that you could send a Kindle book purchase to also supports library lending.

    首先,您需要Kindle或Kindle应用程序,或官方的OverDrive应用程序。 您可以使用物理Kindle设备,Kindle阅读应用程序(适用于iPhone和Android等设备)或Kindle Cloud Reader。 当前,您可以发送购买的Kindle书籍购买的任何设备或应用程序也支持图书馆借阅。

  • Second, you need to check that your local library (or any library with which you have an active account) supports OverDrive lending. The Kindle lending system is built around the OverDrive media distribution network. Pay a visit to OverDrive, select “Library Search” and check to see if your library is participating.

    其次,您需要检查您的本地图书馆(或拥有您有效帐户的任何图书馆)是否支持OverDrive借阅。 Kindle借阅系统围绕OverDrive媒体分发网络构建。 访问OverDrive ,选择“图书馆搜索”,然后检查您的图书馆是否参与其中。

Note: Don’t be confused if the OverDrive search engine shows your local library but the link leads to a site you don’t normally visit—many libraries belong to media collaboratives that service more than one library.


  • Third, if you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to get a library card. It doesn’t necessarily need to be the library closest to you, either: you can access the digital collection of any participating library, so long as you have a valid card number.

    第三,如果您还没有这样做,则需要获得一张借书证。 也不必一定是离您最近的图书馆:只要您具有有效的卡号,就可以访问任何参与图书馆的数字馆藏。
  • Finally, if you’re using a physical Kindle,  you’ need access to a Wi-Fi node or a computer from which you can load the books over a USB connection. Unlike books purchased through Amazon, public library books are not delivered via your Kindle 3G connection.

    最后,如果您使用的是实体Kindle,则需要访问Wi-Fi节点或计算机,然后可以通过USB连接从中加载书籍。 与通过亚马逊购买的图书不同,公共图书馆的图书不是通过Kindle 3G连接交付的。

When you’ve got all that sorted, it’s time to proceed!


在当地图书馆查找电子书 (Finding Ebooks At Your Local Library)


While each library web page looks a little different and each library has a varying selections of books, the basic work flow is the same. We’re going to walk you through checking out a book from our local library but, again, we want to stress that unless you live in the region covered by our library’s media collaborative, the web site you use will look slightly different.

尽管每个图书馆的网页看起来都有些不同,并且每个图书馆都有不同的书籍选择,但是基本工作流程是相同的。 我们将引导您从本地图书馆中检出一本书,但是,再次提醒您,除非您居住在我们图书馆媒体合作覆盖的区域内,否则您使用的网站会有些许不同。

After establishing that your local library offers books through OverDrive, it’s time to visit the library’s media web site to browse the selections and pick out a book. Remember in the previous section when you searched for your library on OverDrive and it gave you a link? Even if that link isn’t the normal link you follow to visit your library, you’ll end up there eventually anyway, so you might as well click it. In our example, the local library site is, but the site OverDrive gives us is—that’s the media collaborative to which our library belongs. Your library may be something different.

在确定您的本地图书馆通过OverDrive提供书籍之后,是时候访问图书馆的媒体网站以浏览选择内容并挑选书籍了。 还记得上一节中在OverDrive上搜索库时它给您的链接吗? 即使该链接不是您访问图书馆所遵循的普通链接,您仍然最终还是会到达那里,因此您最好单击它。 在我们的示例中,本地图书馆站点是,但​​OverDrive给我们提供的站点是,这是我们图书馆所属的媒体合作组织。 您的库可能有所不同。

Follow the link provided and look for a login link. You’ll need your library card number and/or a PIN (although our local library has a PIN system, we weren’t prompted to use ours).

单击提供的链接,然后查找登录链接。 您需要您的借书证号码和/或PIN(尽管我们当地的图书馆有PIN系统,但系统并未提示我们使用我们的PIN)。

When you’ve logged in, look for a search tool. We recommend jumping right to the advanced search, when possible. A few weeks ago we heard an interview with Erin Morgensten, the author of The Night Circus, on NPR. The book sounded interesting and was a perfect candidate for our search, since it’s current, popular, and representative of the kind of books people would be trying to check out.

登录后,寻找搜索工具。 我们建议您尽可能跳到高级搜索。 几周前,我们在NPR上接受了《夜马戏团》的作者Erin Morgensten的采访。 这本书听起来很有趣,并且是我们搜索的理想之选,因为它是当前,流行的书籍,并且代表了人们想要尝试的书籍。

Make sure to select “Kindle” as your format (many libraries also have ePUB books available, if you have an alternative ebook reader that supports ePUB documents). You’ll likely also see an option to search only available books; we left it unchecked because we wanted to see if the book was even part of the system.

确保选择“ Kindle”作为格式(如果您有支持ePUB文档的备用电子书阅读器,则许多图书馆也提供ePUB书籍)。 您可能还会看到仅搜索可用书籍的选项; 我们将其保留为未选中状态,因为我们想查看该书是否甚至是系统的一部分。


Success! Not only was the book in the system, but there were three copies available. We added it to our book bag, then clicked through the book bag and hit checkout. Again, the workflow through your library may not be identical, but it should be pretty close.

成功! 该书不仅在系统中,而且有三本可用。 我们将其添加到书包中,然后单击书包并点击结帐。 同样,通过您的库的工作流程可能并不相同,但是应该非常接近。


After you check out of your specific OverDrive library system, the system kicks you over to If you’re not already logged in, it’ll prompt you to do so.

从特定的OverDrive库系统中签出后,系统会将您踢到。 如果您尚未登录,则会提示您进行登录。

When you’ve logged into Amazon, you’ll see a listing for the book with the typical Amazon ratings, as well as a note about the due date. You’ll also see the typical Amazon purchase box, except instead of the price and purchase button it’ll say “Get library book.” Make sure to pick the Kindle device to which you want the send the book, and then click the button.

登录亚马逊后,您会看到该书的清单,其中包含典型的亚马逊评分以及关于到期日的注释。 您还将看到典型的亚马逊购买框,除了价格和购买按钮以外,它会显示“获取图书馆书”。 确保选择要将书发送到的Kindle设备,然后单击按钮。


After clicking the “Get library book” button, you’ll see one last screen. This screen reminds you to make sure your Kindle can connect to Wi-Fi and gives you a download link in case you want/need to download the book and transfer it to your computer via USB. Most of the time, you won’t need USB unless you don’t have access to Wi-Fi or you’re checking out a book where the publisher restricts Wi-Fi transfer (silly, we know, but it happens).

点击“获取图书馆书”按钮后,您将看到最后一个屏幕。 该屏幕提醒您确保Kindle可以连接到Wi-Fi,并为您提供下载链接,以备您想要/需要下载图书并将其通过USB传输到计算机时使用。 在大多数情况下,除非您无法访问Wi-Fi要签出一本出版商限制Wi-Fi传输的书,否则您将不需要USB(我们知道,这很傻,但是确实如此)。


At this point you can visit your Kindle Management page and you’ll see the library book. If you click on the “Actions” button on the far right side of the entry for the library book you’ll see a variety of options. You can read it, deliver it to a different Kindle device or app, purchase it, download it if you need to transfer it via USB, wipe the internal bookmark, or return the book to the library when you’re done.

此时,您可以访问Kindle管理页面,您会看到图书馆的书。 如果您单击图书馆书籍条目最右侧的“操作”按钮,则会看到各种选项。 您可以阅读,将其交付到其他Kindle设备或应用,购买,下载(如果需要通过USB传输),擦拭内部书签或在完成后将书退还至图书馆。


Even if you return a book, Amazon saves any notes you’ve taken or highlighting you’ve done and restores them if you check the book out again or purchase it. You can return the book early to allow other patrons to enjoy it, but even if don’t, the book will automatically expire and return itself at the end of the lending window. So, no more overdue charges!

即使您退还一本书,亚马逊也会保存您记下的所有笔记或突出显示的笔记,并在您再次签出或购买该书时将其恢复。 您可以提早归还这本书,以允许其他顾客享用,但是即使不喜欢,这本书也将自动过期并在借阅窗口的末尾自行归还。 因此,不再收取任何逾期费用!

Note that, just like physical books at your library, each library has a limit to the amount of of books that can be checked out by its patrons at once. If the book you want is in the catalog but already checked out by the maximum number of people, you’ll have to wait until it’s “returned.” Why do digital books have to play by physical rules when they can be copied millions of times with no real cost? It’s all about copyright law and the way that libraries have to abide by the terms of digital licensing for the books they offer.

请注意,就像您图书馆的实物图书一样,每个图书馆都限制了其读者可以立即签出的书籍数量。 如果您想要的书已经在目录中,但是已经由最多的人签出,则必须等到“归还”为止。 为什么数字书可以无数成本地复制数百万次,却必须遵循物理规则? 这与版权法以及图书馆必须遵守其提供的图书的数字许可条款有关。

在智能手机上使用OverDrive应用 (Using the OverDrive App on Your Smartphone)

First, download the OverDrive application from iTunes or the Google Play Store. The first time you open the app, you’ll need to create an account or sign in. You can use your Facebook account for this, but since you’ll need your library card’s number to access any content anyway, there’s not much point to it. Tap the “Sign in using my library card” button.

首先,从iTunes或Google Play商店下载OverDrive应用程序。 首次打开该应用程序时,您需要创建一个帐户或登录。您可以使用您的Facebook帐户进行此操作,但是由于您仍然需要借书证的号码才能访问任何内容,因此没有太多意义它。 点击“使用我的借书卡登录”按钮。

Search for your library by its specific name or your city name. On the next page, select your library from the drop-down list (if there’s more than one in your local system) and agree  to the Terms of Service.

按图书馆的特定名称或城市名称搜索。 在下一页上,从下拉列表中选择库(如果本地系统中有多个库),并同意服务条款。

From here, you can tap the “Add a title” button to, well, add a title. The app takes you to a mobile version of your local library system’s search page. From here it’s pretty self-explanatory: you can use the navigation bar at the top of the page to browse by author or do direct searches, or just browse the various topical and genre pages for general recommendations.

在这里,您可以点击“添加标题”按钮来添加标题。 该应用程序可将您带到本地图书馆系统搜索页面的移动版本。 在这里,这非常不言自明:您可以使用页面顶部的导航栏按作者浏览或进行直接搜索,或者只是浏览各种主题和体裁页面以获取一般建议。

Tap a book or audiobook, tap the “borrow” option, and then tap the option you want, depending on whether you want to read the book on your Kindle, add an ePub version to an app, or read it in your browser. To return to your bookshelf, just tap the menu button, then “Bookshelf.”

轻按一本书或有声读物,轻按“借阅”选项,然后轻按所需的选项,具体取决于您是要在Kindle上阅读该书,向应用程序添加ePub版本还是在浏览器中阅读。 要返回到书架,只需点击菜单按钮,然后点击“书架”。

You’ll see the title and be able to click on it to read or play it back.


If you’re wondering what the difference is between using the OverDrive app and the Kindle app with OverDrive books, there isn’t much. Use the OverDrive app doesn’t require you to log in to Amazon, and it also supports audiobook playback, so it’s the less complicated solution if you’re only reading on a phone or tablet instead of an actual Kindle device. But use whatever whatever makes you happy.

如果您想知道OverDrive应用程序和Kindle应用程序与OverDrive书籍之间的区别是什么,那么没有什么。 使用OverDrive应用程序不需要您登录到Amazon,它还支持有声读物播放,因此,如果您只在手机或平板电脑上阅读而不是在实际的Kindle设备上阅读,则它是不太复杂的解决方案。 但是,无论使用什么使您开心的东西。

You have to do a bit of initial setup, but the reward is easy access to free eBooks from your library, without the hassle of worrying about returning books on time.


In addition to getting books from your local library, there is also a variety of ways to get books and content on your Kindle. For further reading we suggest checking out some of our previous articles including:

除了从当地图书馆获取书籍外,还有多种方法可在Kindle上获取书籍和内容。 为了进一步阅读,我们建议您查看一些以前的文章,包括:

And if you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you also have access to free content in the Prime Reading section, as well as as the Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. If you know of other resources or have a Kindle tip to share, sound off in the comments!

而且,如果您是Amazon Prime订户,您还可以在Prime Reading部分以及Kindle Owners'Lending Library中访问免费内容。 如果您知道其他资源或要分享的Kindle提示,请在评论中取消提示!



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