适用于Xbox One的Plex在这里,我的生活已经完成-再加上Synology设置操作方法

I love my Synology NAS, and I love Plex. I also love my Xbox One. Finally, today these three things are working together to give me a lovely unified view of my media library.

我喜欢Synology NAS ,也喜欢Plex 。 我也爱我的Xbox One。 最终,今天这三件事正在协同工作,使我对媒体库有了一个可爱的统一视图。

I have a Synology 1511 (the Synology 1513 is today's model). It's a 5 bay Intel-based NAS. I put four 2TB 7200 Seagate drives in it. In the few years since I've had the Synology I've had 2 drives fail and in each case the Synology emailed me, I pulled the drive and replaced them (I now keep two spares around) and rebuilt without incident.

我有一个Synology 1511 (今天的Synology 1513型号)。 这是一个基于Intel的5托架NAS。 我在其中放入了四个2TB 7200 Seagate驱动器。 自获得Synology以来的几年中,我有2个驱动器发生故障,并且在每种情况下,Synology都通过电子邮件向我发送了邮件,我拔出了驱动器并更换了它们(我现在保留了两个备用件),并进行了重建,没有发生任何故障。

I run Plex on this Synology as it also hosts all my family photos, family videos, and DVD backups. The Synology (since I upgraded the RAM cheaply) also runs Surveillance Station monitoring 4 IP cameras posted around my house, as well as  VPN Server, *and* CrashPlan cloud backup. I used to run most of this stuff on my desktop, but I'm convinced more and more that every connected home needs a Home Server. I've even added a Git Server, iTunes Server, and a "Cloud Station" which is basically "Personal DropBox." Glorious.

我在此Synology上运行Plex,因为它还托管我的所有家庭照片,家庭视频和DVD备份。 Synology(因为我已经廉价地升级了RAM)还运行Surveillance Station来监视张贴在我家周围的4个IP摄像机以及VPN Server,*和* CrashPlan云备份。 我曾经在台式机上运行大多数此类内容,但是我越来越相信每个连接的家庭都需要一台家庭服务器。 我什至还添加了一个Git Server,iTunes Server和一个“ Cloud Station”,它基本上是“个人DropBox”。 辉煌。

I use Plex extensively on my iPad and Surface Pro 3. One of the best features (there's a million) is being able to seamlessly mark a file as "offline" and sync it to a portable device. Makes airplane travel a lot nicer.

我在iPad和Surface Pro 3上广泛使用Plex。 最好的功能之一(有100万个功能)是能够无缝地将文件标记为“脱机”并将其同步到便携式设备。 使飞机旅行变得更加轻松。

The one missing part has always been watching Plex on my big screen. While I do have a Chromecast and we enjoy it, the Xbox One is our set-top box. We changed an option on the Xbox under Settings so it "Boots to TV." The Xbox controls our DirectTV and my wife uses a Logitech Harmony One Remote that we still love. From the Xbox we can "Xbox Watch Netflix" or "Xbox Watch HBO" and it just does the right thing. But switching inputs to the Chromecast, getting a tablet out, starting Plex on the tablet and throwing it to the TV requires more tech than my wife is willing to give.

缺少的一个部分一直是在我的大屏幕上观看Plex。 虽然我确实有Chromecast ,但我们很喜欢,但Xbox One我们的机顶盒。 我们在Xbox的“设置”下更改了一个选项,使其“启动至电视”。 Xbox控制着我们的DirectTV,我的妻子使用了我们仍然喜欢的Logitech Harmony One遥控器。 在Xbox上,我们可以“ Xbox Watch Netflix”或“ Xbox Watch HBO”,并且做正确的事。 但是将输入切换到Chromecast,推出平板电脑,在平板电脑上启动Plex并将其投放到电视需要比我妻子愿意提供的更多技术。

Until now. Plex is out on Xbox One (and Xbox 360) and there was much rejoicing. A Plex Pass is required, but it's SO worth it, and not expensive.

到现在。 Plex已在Xbox One(和Xbox 360)上推出,令人欣喜。 需要Plex Pass,但这很值得,而且不昂贵。

你需要什么 (What you'll need)

  • Plex Server running somewhere - You can run it on any decent NAS, your desktop machine, or any machine you have laying around. Plex Server在某处运行-您可以在任何体面的NAS,台式机或周围放置的任何计算机上运行它。
  • A Plex Pass - A monthly or yearly subscription. It's a fantastic value. You CAN use Plex free, but with the Pass you get the offline sync, Xbox support, Movie Trailers, Cloud Storage Sync, and Camera Upload. Plex Pass-每月或每年订阅。 这是一个了不起的价值。 您可以免费使用Plex,但通过Pass即可获得离线同步,Xbox支持,电影预告片,云存储同步和相机上传。

One note for Synology people like me, you’ll need to install the latest Plex Pass preview release of the server (v0.9.10.3). Not a huge deal, go to Plex Downloads and get the right version for your Nas. I downloaded, then logged into Synology and did a manual install.

对于像我这样的Synology员工来说,您需要安装服务器的最新Plex Pass预览版本(v0.9.10.3)。 没什么大不了的,请转到Plex Downloads并为您的Nas获取合适的版本。 我下载了,然后登录到Synology并进行了手动安装。

Now, go to the Xbox One App Store and download it and sign in. If you'd signed in before and got a warning that your Plex Server was the wrong version, you'll want to shut down the Plex app completely or reboot the Xbox to get a proper retry going.

现在,转到Xbox One App Store并下载并登录。如果您以前登录过并收到警告,指出您的Plex服务器版本错误,则需要完全关闭Plex应用程序或重新启动Plex服务器。 Xbox进行适当的重试。

Plex on Xbox One

The app looks fantastic, supports both Kinect AND Voice and really fits in with the other apps I use like Hulu and Netflix.


Plex Home Screen

Movies, TV, whatever.


Plex Home Screen

Plex is epic because it's your media EVERYWHERE. Here's a picture of the devices that my family have used to talk to Plex this year.

Plex是史诗级的,因为它是随处可见的媒体。 这是我家人今年与Plex交谈过的设备的图片。

Plex Devices

Anyway, enough gushing. I couldn't be more thrilled. If you are already a Plex user, you're gonna love this. I'll do a full video and walkthrough of my setup soon, but Plex on Xbox One has finally turned my Xbox One into the ultimate media server. When the Media Player with DLNA support releases in a few weeks on Xbox One, it'll just be gravy.

无论如何,足够的涌出。 我再兴奋不过了。 如果您已经是Plex用户,那么您会喜欢上它的。 我将做完整的视频并很快进行设置过程,但是Xbox One上的Plex终于使我的Xbox One成为了最终的媒体服务器。 当具有DLNA支持的媒体播放器在Xbox One上发布数周后,它就会变得很吸引人。

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