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The source for ASP.NET MVC has long been available up at The source has been "Available" so I usually call this "Source Opened" as opposed to "Open Source."

ASP.NET MVC的源代码早已可以从获得。 源代码是“可用的”,因此我通常称其为“源代码已打开”,而不是“开放源代码”。

ASP.NET MVC has been "Free" as in "Gratis" since it started. That means, "Free like Beer." As ScottGu just blogged about moments ago, today, it's also "Libre" as in "Free like Speech." You can do what you want with the source. 

自启动以来,ASP.NET MVC就象“免费”中那样是“免费”。 这意味着“像啤酒一样自由”。 正如ScottGu不久前在博客上写的那样,今天,它也像“像演讲一样自由”中的“ Libre ”一样。 您可以使用源做您想做的事。

Today, ASP.NET MVC is now Open Source and licensed under MS-PL. That means you can change it, redistribute your changes, even fork it if you want. MS-PL is an OSI-Approved Open Source License and you can read the legalese on their site.

今天, ASP.NET MVC现在是开源的,并根据MS-PL获得许可。 这意味着您可以更改它,重新分发您的更改,甚至可以根据需要进行分叉。 MS-PL是OSI批准的开放源代码许可证,您可以在其网站上阅读法律法规。

"The Ms-PL contains no platform restrictions and provides broad rights to modify and redistribute the source code."

“ Ms-PL不包含平台限制,并提供修改和重新分发源代码的广泛权利。”

As a reminder, MEF (Managed Extensibility Framework) is another .NET Framework component that's MS-PL, as is the DLR (Dynamic Language Runtime) and IronRuby. The Ajax Control Toolkit and Silverlight Toolkit is also MS-PL.

提醒一下,MEF(托管扩展框架)是MS-PL的另一个.NET Framework组件,而DLR(动态语言运行时)和IronRuby也是Ajax Control ToolkitSilverlight Toolkit也是MS-PL

These are all baby steps, but more and more folks at The Company are starting to "get it." We won't rest until we've changed the way we do business.

这些都是很简单的步骤,但是公司越来越多的人开始“了解它”。 在我们改变业务方式之前,我们不会休息。

If you like, you can download and install ASP.NET MVC 1.0 from inside of the Web Platform Installer 2.0 directly.

如果愿意,可以直接从Web Platform Installer 2.0的内部下载并安装ASP.NET MVC 1.0

Congrats to ScottGu and PhilHa and the team for making this happen. Now, go bask in the source as the ASP.NET MVC 1.0 download has been updated with a zip of the source. I hope Miguel is dancing today.

恭喜ScottGuPhilHa和团队使这种情况发生。 现在,请仔细阅读源代码,因为已经使用源代码的zip更新了ASP.NET MVC 1.0下载。 我希望Miguel今天跳舞。

If you have any questions about the future, legal stuff, etc, I'll defer them to ScottGu (leave them in his comments).


(This is not an April Fools joke. It's for reals.)


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