void shutdownSystem() { #ifdef WIN32 HANDLE hToken; TOKEN_PRIVILEGES tkp; LUID luid; // Get version info to determin

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/** * @brief restartSystem * * Detailed description. */ void restartSystem() { #ifdef WIN32 HANDLE hToken; TOKEN_PRIVILE

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The boot of Linux

1. The system BIOS checks the system and launches the first stage boot loader on the MBR of the primary hard disk. 2. The Frist stage boot

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Could you tell something about the Unix System Kernel?

The kernel is the heart of the UNIX operating system. It is responsible for controlling the computer’s resources and scheduling user jobs.

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Makefile and the process of Make

Read the makefile which includes dependencies and rules. According to the dependencies and rules to build the target. g++ -MM main.cpp file

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What is the difference between symbolic link and hard link?

A symbolic link is a special file that only contains a filename. It is created using. Remove the link will also remove the original file. A

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Describe the process of opening a file in Linux system, what actions the operating system w

The OS creates a identifier for the file. The identifier contains the pointer to the file. The standard input, standard output, and standard

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What are shell variables?

Shell variables are special variables, a name-value pair created and maintained by the shell. Example: PATH, HOME. $0: shell script name; $

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What are the UNIX system calls for I/O?

Open, create, close, read, write, lseek, dup, dup2, fcntl, and ioctl. The difference between fcntl anf ioctl is that the former is intended

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What are the process states in UNIX?

Running, Ready/Waiting, and Blocked.

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What is meaning of run level in Linux system? What are they?

Runlevel defines the state of the machine after boot. After the Linux kernel has booted, the init program reads the /etc/inittab file to det

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Core File

A core file is created when a program terminates unexpectedly, due to a bug, or a violation of the operating system's or hardware's protecti

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inode, FAT32, and NTFS

In traditional Unix-style file system, each file is associated with an inode that is identified by an inode number in the file system where

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Difference between Windows and Linux

Linux is an open-source Operating System. Windows separates directories with a back slash while Linux uses a normal forward slash. Windows

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Common Linux Command

du             It stands for ‘disk usage’. With the help of this command you can find the disk capacity and free space of the disk. mkfs

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#ifdef WIN32 #define Get_Error_No() GetLastError() #else #define Get_Error_No() errno #endif

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int isNumber(const char *pBuf, int bufSize) { int i = 0; if ((NULL == pBuf) || (0 == bufSize)) { return -1;

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/** * @file Bin_File.c * @brief * @author Don Hao * @date 2011-08-07 22:36:16 * @version * copyright: * email: hao.limin@gmail.com

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C++中P.J. Plauger STL和SGI STL中map的区别

P.J. Plauger STL和SGI STL中map的erase方法实现是有区别的,其中Windows下常用的是P.J. Plauger STLP,Linux下是SGI STL,SGI STL实现了标准的STL规范。 .J. Plauger STL:for(ITER iter

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<br />内核是UNIX系统的心脏,其负责管理资源,以及调度用户任务。<br /> <br /> Something about the Unix System Kernel<br />The kernel is the heart of the ...

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