What is the difference between CDATA and PCDATA?

PCDATA is an abbreviation for Parsed Character DATA. This keyword simply indicates that the character data within the content model should b

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What is the use of "?

Version: Identifies the version of the XML markup language used in the data. This attribute is not optional. Encoding: Identifies the chara

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What are the different kinds of parsers used in XML?

DOM (Document object model): This will interpret Complete XML document. Microsoft major concentration is DOM Parser. SAX (Simple Applicatio

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What is XSL

XSL specifies the styling of an XML document by using XSLT to describe how the document is transformed into another XML document.

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What is XSLT

A language for transforming XML documents into other XML documents.

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What is Namespace

Defining a namespace to avoid confusion involves using a prefix and adding an xmlns attribute to the tag to give the prefix a qualified name

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XML namespace

An XML namespace name is a URI that uniquely identifies the namespace.

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XML Schema and DTD

XML schema describes the structure of the XML document. n  XML schema is a XML-based alternative to DTD. n  XML schema support name space

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Advantage and disadvantage of XML

These are some of the main advantages of XML. 1) XML is text based 2) Information written in human language can be understood by XML due t

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什么是XML Schema

XML Scheme用来描述XML文档的结构,XML Scheme也为XML文档,是DTD的替代品。其可以描述XML文档的元素、子元素的个数、子元素的顺序、元素的属性、数据类型等。可以使用XPath来查询XML文档中的节点,其基于树的结构来表示XML文档。XML SchemeXML scheme ...

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