Linear Regression with multiple variables - Working on and submitting programming exercises

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In this video/article, I want to just quickly step you through the logistics of how to work on homeworks in this class and how to use the submission system which will let you verify right away that you got the right answer for your machine learning programming exercises.

Here's my Octave window and let's just get to my desktop. I saved the files for my first exercise, some of the files on my desktop. In this directory, 'my-class-ex1'. And we provide a number of files and ask you to edit some of them. So the first file should meet the details in the PDF file for this programming exercises to get details. But one of the files we ask you to edit is this file called warmUpExercise.m, where the exercise is really just to make sure that you're familiar with the submission system. And all you need to do is return the 5\times 5 identity matrix. So the solution to this exercise I just showed you is to write A=eye(5). So that modifies this function to generate the 5\times 5 identity matrix. And this function warmUpExercise() now returns the 5\times 5 identity matrix. And I'm just going to save it. So I've done the first part of the homework. Going backup to my Octave window, let's now go to my directory. And if I want to make sure that I've implemented this, type 'warmUpExercise()' like so. And yup, it returns the 5\times 5 identity matrix that we just wrote the code to create. And I can now submit the code as follows. I'm going to type 'submit()' in this directory and I'm ready to submit part 1 so I'm going to enter choice '1'. So it asks me for my email address. I'm going to the course website. This is an internal test site, so your version of website may look a little bit different. But that's my email address and this is my submission password, and I'm just going to type them here. So I have and my submission password is 9yC75USsGf. I'm going to hit enter; it connects the server and submits it and right away it tells you "Congratulations! You have successfully completed Homework 1 Part 1". And this gives you a verification that you got this part right. And if you don't submit the right answer, then it will give you a message indicating that you haven't quite gotten it right yet. And by the way, you can use this submission password and you can generate new passwords; it doesn't matter. But you can also use your regular website login password, but because this password here is typed in clear text on your monitor, we gave you this extra submission password in case you don't want to type in your website's normal password onto a window, that, depending on your operating system, this password may or may not appear as text when you type it into the Octave submission script.

So, that's how you submit the homework after you've done it. Good luck. And when you get around to homework, I hope you get all of them right. And finally, in the next and final Octave tutorial video, I want to tell you about vectorization, which is a way to get your Octave code to run much more efficiently.


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