my synonyms

have get give take make put go going pick look catch bring leave find set send hold open begin start stop come
place let become turn finish keep close spend join attend show move
object substance article stuff material affair chord issue
episode occurrence incident
entity point content existence
fact reality actuality
matter issue business topic
problem trouble question difficulty
situation event phenomenon circumstance environment
item entry
component portion part division section factor ingredient element

-- food
cook cuisine nutrient

-- drink
lemon tea milk tea coffee coke cola orange juice

-- delicious
good taste gastronomic tasteful luscious

-- rally
mass gathering assemblage demonstrate

-- lead to
lead-to induce incur cause-to engender

-- same
equal similar resemble same like correspond akin analogous quasi synonymous
simulate identical exactly congruent indistinguishable very

-- different
distinct dissimilar disparity unlike unequal disparate heterogenous

-- separate
separate distinct detach apart disjoint divided cleavage break split sever wean alienate estrange

-- differentiate
secern distinguish tell compare decouple demarcate discriminate
dissociate individualise separate single-out

-- identify

-- contrary
contra contrast opposite conflict hostile unfrendly
reverse adverse discord

-- vague
fuzzy unclear obscure undefined indistinguishable indistinct dim faint shadowy
confused blur foggy hazy muzzy

-- unidentifiable
elusive subtle impalpable evasive

-- choose
select pick-out

-- copy
copy clone imitate reproduce simulate mime mock counterfeit sham falsify

-- good
OK good fine nice well excellent kind pleasing right all-right wonderful sound

-- bad
mediocre poor inferior

-- marvelous
amazing notable remarkable striking unbelievable fabulous

-- important
principal main important significant curcial critical vital essential central chief
fundamental grave key valuable primary serious prominent eminent great noble
outstanding salient superior famous distinguished prestigious conspicuous spectacular paramount preponderant
grand stellar

-- trivial
unimportant inessential insignificant meaningless little petty light superficial fidding footling frivolous

-- successful
eminent flourishing prospering roaring thriving victorious winning

-- unsuccessful
fail stillborn abortive defeated foiled frustrated scoreless sunk thwarted winless

common ordinary prevail prevalent average characterless mundane usual unexceptional unremarkable nonspecial mildding standard mediocre rife

* the average (common) man in the street

-- fashion
style trend vogue appreciation taste currency popular faddish

-- special
especial exceptional particular uncommon specific peculiar extraordinary illustrious exquisite

-- pretentious

-- feeling
feeling emotion sentiment sensation mood soul temper

-- easy
easy simple casual cushy effortless brief plain

-- complex
ravel perplex bias complicated confused inclination involved leaning mixed prejudice

-- relief
relieve assuage alleviate palliate appease soothe conciliate
allay calm ease lessen moderate pacify restrain tranquillize mitigate

-- save
salve deliver rescue

-- comfortable
cosy easy homely snug soothing plush

-- comfort
console soothe solace relief placate

-- painful
poignant uncomfortable agonising bitter sore torturing traumatic wrenching unpleasant

-- ill
sick afflicted aguish ailing
infirm weak feeble unhealthy debilitate seedy bedfast bedrid

-- strong
energetic vigorous strong active robust dynamic lively brisk snappy abuzz sturdy hardy stalwart stout rugged tough

-- hard-work
diligent sedulous assiduous arduous

-- happy
happy glad delight joyful enjoy revel bless bright cheerful merry satisfied contentment content complacency elation merry felicitous exult elated hilarious prancy spree exhilarate enliven gruntle

-- unhappy
disgruntle dislike dissatisfy distress sad sorrowful joyless cheerless sorry

-- fortunate
foreswear lucky bonanza

-- sad
sorrow pain grief woe agony upset mourn remorse mishap misery wretch annoyance unfortunate wailing ganshing-teeth lament deplore mourn

-- misfortune
hardship adversity harassment trouble disaster affliction distress disaster

-- hurt
wound injure

-- suffer
torment torture anguish languish ordeal

-- get
get learn understand know comprehend perceive apprehend catch grasp see realize figure snatch capture seize grab snap ascertain garner

-- grasp
clutch grip hold clench

-- understand
know comprehend catch figure-out get interpret see touch perceive realise appreciate

-- gain
gain increase raise obtain climb mount advance pull win reach acquire earn secure bring make reap draw incur receive grab procure sponge develop absorb assimilate ingest
catch-up achieve accomplish complete finish rake

-- drink
guzzle imbibe

-- replenish
refill beef-up

-- fill
cram load gorge stuff saturate inundte deluge flood swamp insert wad jam

-- lost
gone miss stray wasted confiscate forfeit

-- want
want love wish need necessitate require demand hope miss interest intrigue favor desire pursuit concern cherish treasure fond-of partial adore crave hunger starve thirst
covet long lust envy desire begrudge greedy

-- find
search look-for seek

-- beg
importune implore pray plea lobby canvass-for woo

-- collect
amass accumulate assemble collect compile gather head-up increase store-up glean pluck

-- distribute
allot allocate dispense disperse scatter spread disseminate

-- cause
arouse agitate awaken foment inflame kindle move pique provoke shake prompt

-- activate
actuate spark trigger initiate

-- stimulate
stir spur fuel

-- excite
frantic delirious frenzied hysterical violent wild

-- compel
command require enjoin order say tell mandate
obligate oblige move make stimulate pressure coerce drive

-- unallowed
unallowable disallow forbid prohibit interdict proscribe veto ban

-- care
notice attention tending listen mind heed concern interest

-- unwilling
reluctant grudge grudging petty stingy ungenerous meanspirited stew

-- tolerate
put-up-with abide bear endure stand suffer patient uncomplaining

-- hate
hatred resent bitter indignant dislike antipathy abhor detest loathe scorn abominate odious rancour

-- respect
worship amor admire praise appreciate esteem resound laud venerate extol

-- look down upon
challenge defy contempt despise disdain detest belittle denigrate derogate minimize disparage
defame underestimate underrate undervalue scorn dwarf

-- consider
reckon regard see view think expect believe suppose guess imagine suspect judge esteem feel hold conceive mull deem

-- ponder
reflect contemplate

-- mean
meaning thought intend consider cogitate idea belief opinion view relish

-- intention
intent aim purpose mind

-- intent
willing willful

-- talk
talk say tell chat conversation dialog discuss gossip lecture speech address speak utter verbalize communicate spill accost harp

-- untalkative
silent reticent reserved restrained unemotional tacitum

-- attain
attain arrive join reach

-- amend
vamp revamp mend correct change patch repair renew regenerate fix restore bushel

-- redress

-- adjust
correct set temper

-- remember
memorise recall recognize commemorate record remind  retain retention

-- forgetfulness
unawareness, unknowingness oblivion amnesia

-- give
give devote pay dedicate commit offer bestow present eat cater dispense grant emit utter

-- put
place siphon

-- supply
provide furnish render

-- satisfy
gratify pander

-- increase
raise add plus surge accrue spiral soar creep

-- decrease
curtail cut reduce diminish less drop fall minify cap limit slump dilute wane dwindle subside shrink decline
tumble crunch ebb

-- show
show manifest express articulate utter verbalize display reveal
convey carry conduct transit

-- disclose
divulge unveil uncover unveal expose bring-out discover impart reveal tell spill leak unearth

-- ask
ask request demand call-for claim urge clamor solicit

-- duty
obligation responsibility burden incumbency job liability mission onus

-- urge
provoke suborn incite induce stir-up incentive stimulate actuate motivate prompt
propel incendiary
mobilise galvanize startle

-- attractive
entice tempt lure tending seductive teasing corrupting alluring beguiling appealed
glamorous allure mesmerise exciting elate

-- occupy
engross absorb engage enthrall fascinate interest

-- praise
hail greet applaud acclaim herald approval cheer commend compliment extol glorify

-- guarantee
secure sure assure ensure insure vouch guarantee doom pledge warrant

-- promise
commitment oath engagement assure pledge plight swear vow

-- bring
carry bring take hold convey transfer transport consign deliver send

-- happen
happen take-place occur come-about

-- connect
link connect mention refer tie associate colligate

-- decide
decide determine make-up bring settle end resolve terminate

-- punctually

-- suitable
decent proper appropriate match fit pertinent apposite appropos pertain

-- improper
undue unsuitable inappropriate inappropriate

-- wrong
erratic erroneous incorrect inaccurate mistaken

-- wicked
evil immoral sinful unscrupulous iniquitous

-- contemptible
atrocious awful brutal cruel dreadful horrible mean ruthless terrible vile wicked wretched hideous
horrendous macabre

-- error
fault mistake blunder incorrectness wrongness bungle

-- clever
intelligent smart wise skilful apt inventive ingenious adroit cunning shrewd cagey astute wary savvy

-- fool
foolish silly absurd stupid goosy anserine dopy ludicrous ridiculous mindless scatty unwise vacuous nonsensical insane

-- laugh at
deride ridicule mock

-- absurd
fantastic monstrous nonsensical preposterous ridiculous

-- use
use exert employ utilize manipulate consume deplete eat exhaust wipe-out take apply exploit  wield

-- benefit
avail help beneficial profit advantageous conducive perk gratuity perquisite

-- take
bring hand put

-- contain
contain include comprise

-- coward
cautious scary timid tremulous timorous trepid bashful shy menace daunt perturb

-- threaten
intimidate browbeat frighter bully scare spook

-- brave
brash cheeky nervy daredevail bold

-- annoy
badger bother harass pester tease torment bully disturb discomfit discompose perturb

-- aggressive
battleful combative contentious bellicose warmonger belligerent offensive warlike

-- shameless
bold brazen bold immodest unabashed

-- shameful
disgraceful dishonorable inglorious ignominious immoral scandalous

-- outrage
scandal trouble affront insult atrocity cruel appal offend shock revolt attack

-- stupid
awkward uncomfortable clumsy cumbersome inapt glaceless ungraceful bunglesome

-- unfortunate
infelicitous inauspicious ominous

-- scold
rebuke criticize censure blame lambaste slash slam lash berate denounce reproach diatribe denigrate revile

-- conflict
collision contention contestation discept dispute
controversy disagreement hassle different-opinion dissident
feud animosity

-- argue
refute rebut debate controvert forensic polemic squabble brabble

-- quarrel
wrangle row dustup altercation

-- quibble
bicker niggle pettifog

-- forgive
condone concede grant lenient relent clement
absolve excuse pardon remissive

-- incline
deflect turn-aside incline slope topple tumble overturn prone

-- make
innovate invent create produce manufacture fabricate fabric generate inflict impose establish render install
breed spawn brew

-- handle
cope-with deal-with manipulate command wield fumble tackle

-- control

-- actived
animated vivacious lively

-- bore
pesky annoying bothersome galling irritating stale beset fuss feisty

-- gloomy
somber tire gloomy dull cheerless drab depressing dark deject dismal grim dispiriting
disconsolate dispirit dampen inanimated dismay

-- go
start begin toward head advance prarde strade wade step

-- many
much enormous plenty plentiful great-many a-lot ample abundant bumper numerous tremendous abound
whopping profuse exuberant lush luxuriant raft heap mass mint peck pile stack bounty manifold

-- large
vast big giant huge immense considerable hefty goodly tidy mega

-- lack
lack scanty shortage

-- come
arrival receive accept get fetch gain acquire retrieve collect

-- leave
leave pass elapse depart

-- obedient
gentle mild receptive responsive tame willing yielding readily docile
acquiescent biddable compliant conformable duteous dutiful tractable
manipulable submissive

-- resist
confront withstand stand up defend oppose fend contradict demur

-- fight
grapple combat battle struggle
struggle face manage unruly revolt insubordinate wrestle

-- awful
dreadful displeasing horrible horrific terrible awesome intimidated formidable unnerve redoubtable alarming immpressive trepid horrible disgust dire

-- fear
afraid panic stampeding startle scare fearful fright

-- conquer
subdue defeat overcome outperform

-- give up
relinquish forsake abandon abstain recant
do without sacrifice surrender yield succumb give-in

-- bow
defer accede submit

-- consent
permit admire accept nod admit endorsement acknowledge satisfactory consensus accede assent connive agree

-- concede
compromise yield adjust concession concord

-- uncompromising
inflexible hardline unyielding

-- reject
rebuff refuse decline repudiate deny repel snub ramification antagonistic

-- destroy
sabotage undermine destroy damage hurt harm devastate demolish collapse vandalize debacle detriment
erode ravage destruct ruin jeopardise imperil dismantle

-- impair
tarnish negate tamper

-- tear
shatter shred

-- dangerous
pernicious unsafe hazardous risky perilous
damaging deadly destructive detrimental harmful injurious mortal toxic nocuous

-- malignant
insidious  malicious virulent smear

-- worn-out
drain exhaust torn

-- beautify
polish embellish prettify meliorate neaten shine decorate ornament
garnish glamorize adorn dress-up
frilly ruffle

-- improve
refine purify rectify correct inhance distill enhance better heighten raise intensify strengthen

-- deteriorate
worsen degenerate

-- shineing
glitched glitter

-- blemish
deface defile disfigure flawed imperfect defect scar
tarnish stain maculate sully blob blot fleck spot darken

-- spoil
botch impair mar

-- invade
infringe offence invade strike attack intrude
break in trespass encroach
entrench trench impinge poach molestation

-- interfere
tamper meddle interpose intervene step-in
* don't meddle in my affairs

-- delete
delete remove kill eliminate eradicate cancel invalidate take-away erase annul quash

-- relax
unstrain loose unlax unwind decompress slow unbend slack slacken sluggish

-- block
impede hinder obstacle obstruct prevent hamper handicap disfavour block set-back cumber incumber stunt preclude embarrass stymy hobble strand stall snag retard balk stymied clog forestall foil

-- stop
pause suspend respite break recess reprieve postpone remit interrupt abate defer prorogue deterrent

-- restrict
constrain restrain throttle trammel stiffen tighten bound confine limit cumber curb
curtail circumscribe immobilise suppress bondage slavery muzzle

-- release
clear free liberate release rescue loose unleash vent
deregulate untangle unblock unfreeze let-go relinquish

-- discharge
eject expel removeal expulsion

-- quiet
calm composure equanimity placidity repose serenity tranquility slience still hush serene tacit

-- noisy
rumpus noisy disturbance agitate stir-up riot commotion ruckus flurry rampant rampage bedlam

-- orderly
regular soigne dapper

-- disorderly
chaotic disordered jumbled rafferty rough-and-tumble tangly turbid turmoil rambunctious

-- anger
angry furious mad infuriate fuel exasperate aggravate anger annoy irritate maddness rage
excitement delirium agitation fit fury passion frenzy

-- humble
meek modest

-- proud
arrogant haughty insolent chesty lunatic
boastful cocky proud vain conceited impudent saucy egotistic swollen

-- loud
boisterous blatant clamorous clamant rowdy strident vociferous

-- law
law lawyer legal justice just judge solicitor barrister attorney tribunal magistrate bar plead-guilty indict
jurisdiction verdict

-- legitimise

-- charge
accuse litigation indict slander

-- prison
jail limbo incarcerate captivity duress

-- criminal
offender sinner wrongdoer culprit perpetrator thug misdemean

-- extort
ramp ransom racketeering blackmail

-- guilt
sin blame crime fault guilt pain suffering culpa culpability

-- lasting
permanent eternal abiding ageless enduring continuing everlasting imperishable perpetual unceasing unending

-- keep
stay retain remember bear carry contain hold sustain persist insist persevere

-- prolong
protract postpone lengthen extend

-- at the same time
simultaneously concurrently mean-while

-- immediately
instantly right away

-- fragrant
good-smell aromatic musky odorous perfumed redolent scented sweet

-- revenge
avenge vengeance retaliation reprisal retribution

-- brilliant
bright shiny glorious magnificent splendid impressive superior superb excellent

blind flash dazzle glare glaze glow

-- shine
blare luster patina polish reflet sheen

-- smooth
flowing fluent

-- doubt
suspect uncertain unsure disbelieve discredit distrust mistrust
misgiving qualm

-- question
query debrief

-- doubtful
questionable uncertain dubious

-- hesitate
falter boggle scruple stagger stumble vacillate irresolute
dithery indecisive shilly-shally willy-nilly

-- unavoidable
inevitable destiny fateful necessary ineluctable inescapable

-- indispensable
requirement necessity essential must

-- finally
eventually last at the end

-- protect
shield shelter covert refuge defend veiled immunise preserver safeguard
shroud wrap enfold enclose guard  unassailable

-- hide
conceal camouflage conceal cover misrepresent disguise
camouflage masquerade cover cloak wrap robe

-- appear
show-up turn-up come-out loom

-- disappear
vanish evaporate go-away absent fade cease

-- accompany
conduct escort convoy protect

-- guide
lead direct

-- support
back-up sustain hold-out bear abet aegis auspice boost enlist aid help service buoy
assist encourage endorse patronise sponsor undergird bolster underpin

-- attack
beat strike assault offence raid charge
insult flout mock ridicule sneer taunt

-- besiege
beleaguer circumvent hem surround encompass

-- amaze
bewilder flabbergast aghast wonder baffle mystify perplex confuse

-- surprise
move affect impress astonish astound stun aghast

-- join
combine merge mix unify unite consolidate integrate converge federalize federate syncretize coalesce blend commingle muster confluence intermingle

-- burn
fire flame inflame blaze fiery
kindle enkindle ignite flare conflagrate heat arouse elicit

-- hard work
toilsome arduous effortful grueling heavy laborious arduous

-- tired
weary exhaust fatigue jade pall

-- wealthy
rich affluent

-- excessive
extreme extravagant exaggerated grand luxurious overdone unreasonable exorbitant outrageous

-- show off
boast blow bluster ostentatious proud

-- economical
saving frugal thrifty prudent provident sparing

-- self-restraint
discreet modest prudent restraint unostentatious circumspect discerning tactful heedful

-- poor
bad inferior common crude rough vulgar

-- crude
raw rough

-- harsh
abrasive disagreeable rigorous brutal cruel unkind rough tough scathing blistering
scalding vituperative vitriolic bitter

-- rigid
stern austerity grim severe

-- advantage
vantage asset plus expedience preference privilege profit superiority strong potent muscular powerful robust
benefit welfare clout

-- ability
capacity competency efficiency fitness power skill talent strength force

-- flaw
defect fault failure weakness hamartia imperfection bug shortcoming disadvantage demerit
awkwardness drawback inferiority

-- bias
partiality disfavor
preconception prejudice preoccupation predetermine warp

-- slant
oblique skew incline

-- testing
trial tentative attempt endeavor try experiment foray

-- honest
honorable straight true sincere

-- genuine
authentic reliable trusty trustworthy pure real sincere veritable

-- false
bogus forge counterfeit fake fraudulent misleading bastard phoney imitative spurious

-- steal
embezzle defalcate malversation misappropriate peculate pilfer

-- cheat
deceit deception fraud defraud dishonest swindle fake impose rig

-- betray
treachery sell

-- violent
rampant unrestrained uncontrolled restive

-- regret
repent remorse sorry contrite rue

-- amend
atone amend expiate aby abye compensate correct redress

-- repay
restitute give-back refund return restore

-- contract
pact treaty accord written-agreement convention

-- punish
castigate amerce execute scourge victimize chastise

-- infectious
contagious transmittable communicable catching contractable

-- compassion
sympathy mercy heartstring tenderness pity

-- feature
trait attribute distinction personality point characteristic specialty nature hallmark

-- spy
espial espionage undercover

-- extort
blackmail coercion gouge rack squeeze rob racketeer ransack

-- nake
nude streaker bare unclothed

-- asset
possession belonging holding liability property treasure
ownership control

-- highest
superlative supreme peak pinnacle submit top superior greatest sterling best acme elevation

-- extent
point stage degree level

-- stubborn
disobedient intractable obstinate unregenerate unreconstructed tenacious
adamant cussed incorrigible persistent pigheaded ramstam wilful
bloody-minded bolshy bulldog bullet-headed bullheaded cantankerous contrarious
cross-grained determined dogged dour hardheaded mulish pertinacious pigheaded stiff-necked
strong-minded strong-willed stroppy unyielding refractory

-- dynamic
changing driving energising impulsive kinetic projectile propellant renascent resurgent

-- undynamic
stagnant standing dead uncirculated

-- constant
steadfast staunch unswerving firm unshaken unbendable unfaltering resolute

-- quick
hurry fast agile nimble immediate prompt straightaway speedy rapid hurried presto galloping

-- slow
inactive lazy delayed gradual sluggish

-- look up
consult refer research

-- somewhat
slightly fairly

-- edge
brim brink edge fringe hem margin skirt verge border bound

-- complain
moan agonize bawl cry groan howl suffer wail grumble sob whine

-- mystic
mysterious occult orphic secret esoteric profound surreptitious

-- trouble
inconvenient nuisance disturbance convulsion bother fuss hassle

-- convenient
handy suited opportune expedient favourable

-- inalienable
unalienable absolute infrangible inviolable unforfeitable indefeasible

-- fragile
breakable brittle dainty frail slight frangible

-- delicate
ethereal subtle skilled finespun dainty exquisite

-- solid
strong sturdy tough

-- solidify
cement fasten secure weld

-- friend
acquaintance fellow classmate mate buddy ally associate amigo brother companion comrade confidant
pal crony

-- supporter
advocator proponent endorser

-- enemy
adversary opponent foe rival challenger resister antagonist competitor contestant contender

-- easy going
amiable easy plain unassuming affable rapport
approachable communicative courteous friendly gracious pleasant sociable
cordial hearty hospitable sincere warm
genial agreeable cheerful good-natured kindly pleasant

-- critical
choosy critical particular selective fastidious finical finicky fussy fault finding

-- precautionary

-- posture
stance attitude gesture

-- look
gape gawk stare glim glimpse scowl shine stare glare

-- audience
spectator observer

-- dark

-- good manner
polite courteous couth decorous genty housebroken respectful gallant

-- bad manner
discourteous flip insolent impudent ungovernable licentious presumptuous

-- allege
purport say announce broadcast declare notify proclaim report state tell expound promulgate publicize

-- zealous
avid eager earnest enthusiastic fervent passionate sincere warm ardent crazy furor

-- indifferent
impassive cool apathetic

-- careful
meticulous cautious heedful mindful considerate thoughtful sensible

-- careless
casual cursory heedless incautious negligent offhand perfunctory reckless sloppy inattentive superficial
unconcerned inconsiderate uninterested

-- pioneer
vanguard spearhead

-- warning
advice reminder caution tip admonition

-- giving
ample bighearted giving kind large liberal openhanded plentiful unselfish generous

-- mean
hard harsh severe stingy strict ungenerous

-- hard

-- premature

-- mature
ripe developed fledged full-grown mellow autumnal

-- charming

-- social
gregarious clustered herding swarming tufted caespitose

-- expel
oust evict force-out eject exclude kick-out throw-out turn-out
banish deport exile outlaw

-- exclude

-- useful

-- useless
vain futile ineffective unsuccessful

-- continuous
consecutive incessant following successive unremitting

-- moving
unwinding unreeling

-- serious
important capital sedate sensible sincere sober solemn

-- serious
fatal felony grave

-- frivolous
foolish inane light shallow silly trivial unimportant

-- strange

-- describe
depict delineate

-- grow

-- unfold
unroll unfurl spread-out

-- money-oriented
mercenary mercantile moneymaking commercial

-- clean
pure immaculate pristine scrubbed speckless spic spotless unsoiled unstained unsullied tidy

-- dirty
unclean squalid soiled sordid flyblown filthy nasty mangy

-- educate

-- originate
stem derive source descend educe

-- foster
nurture feed

-- applause
clapping ovation

-- revived
resurgent renascent

-- cold
bare chilly dismal dreary bleak

-- active
chipper gay lively snappy spry vigorous vivacious animated

-- clearly
obviously apparently evidently plainly manifestly

-- impressible

-- chronic

-- naive
ingenuous innocent unsophisticated artless nature simple non-devious straightforward
honest candid direct forthright frank free-hearted

-- few
little scant stint meagerly deficient insufficient scarce inadequate spare exiguous bare small spare
lack shortage retricted stint

-- enough
sufficient adequate

-- flourish
prevail swell teem

-- forge
melt smelt fusion conjunction

-- embarrassment
predicament plight quandary

-- escape
elude evade avoid dodge miss sidestep shun

-- waste
squander extravagant

-- crawl
sprawl creep climb grabble shin swarm flock

-- involve

-- scuffle
infighting dogfight

-- choke
muffle smother strangle suffocate

-- pretence
guise pretext semblance feign

-- conspire
connive collude plot

-- discourage
dissuade advise

-- method
means measure plan way ways and means wrinkle way approach

-- technique
skillfulness proficiency

-- good at
proficient familiar expert skillful skilled practised adept veteran seasoned
able capable competent effective efficient qualified workmanlike

-- inept
unable incapable incompetent talentless

-- workable
viable sensible meaningful feasible

-- unworkable
infeasible unviable nonoperative

-- hurry
hasten haste hasty urgent swift impatient

-- unflurried
unruffled unperturbed sober poise coolness composure

-- beautiful
graceful esthetic aesthetic bonny lovely pretty pleasant nifty

-- rude

-- ugly
unaesthetic horrible disfigured awkward displeasing unattractive

-- extinguish
douse put-out quench snuff-out stamp-out

grow went

projected proposed

efficient fruitful

high-priced dear costly pricy

affordable low-priced low-cost

probe explore

--have no alternative
have no other way

comply accordance conform stick

-- follow
espouse ensue come-after

-- mimic
copy imitate

renew regenerate recreate freshen refresh renovate replace restitute revamp revitalize

-- change
modify alter

last inalterable closing terminal concluding ultimate

invariant unvarying constant changeless steady consistent

changeable inconstant inconsistent protean shifting uncertain unsettled versatile

consequence result product outcome ending corollary effect reverberation

perhaps possibly

effort strenuous exertion endeavor try attempt engage strive

-- contract
tender bid offer

waft drift float cruise glide meander ramble roam stray wander

-- about
approximately nearly

-- boom

-- bust

-- stable
static unchanging sound firm dependable steady

-- unstable
precarious unsteady fluctuating inconstant unsure unreliable changeable

-- blinkered

-- tactic
strategy policy resource plan

-- stress
emphasize accent accentuate pinpoint

-- throw
ditch thrust put remove withdraw toss hurl fling

-- discard
throw get-rid-of remove cast-away

-- erosion
abrasion attrition detrition grinding corrasion

-- tight
tense taut

-- empty
devoid blank bare

-- promotion
sales-talk pitch

-- stir
agitate churn

-- emit
emanate give-out exhale effuse

-- evaluate

-- trample
tramp tread stamp

-- draw
tow drag pull haul lug

-- motivation
impetus incentive force impulsion drive propellant

-- burden
saddle imposition

-- trap

-- extent
magnitude amount degree dimension grade level proportion size strength volume

-- lag
laggard dilatory

-- unanswered
unrequited nonreciprocal

-- letter
mail missive document message text

-- licence
franchise grant dealership

-- gluey
adhesive gummy sticky viscid viscous

-- hold
cradle embrace hug

-- predict
forecast prospect foretell prognosis

-- old
archaic antiquated early ancestral stale

-- jump
leap spring buck vault

-- percuss
tap tip strike (lightly)

-- move back
retreat recede retrograde retire withdraw

-- principle
tenet dogma doctrine

-- exterior
outside surface

-- status
condition niche ecology environment

-- execute
carry-out enact perform bring-about do run fulfil

-- salary
wage stipend remuneration payment earnings

-- turnover
overturn upset upend inversion

-- key factor
hinge reason

-- deadlock
impasse deadlock standstill stalemate dead-end

-- irreversible
irreparable permanent irrevocable

-- stifle
smother suppress choke suffocate

-- play
juggle performance

-- spray
squirt eject

-- surpass
transcend surmount exceed outdo

-- allowance
backshish baksheesh bakshish subsidy subvention perquisite gratuity

-- get along with
get-on-with relate interact harmonize

-- cut
carve split slice chop divide slash
disunited fragmented

-- hit
bash ram crash

-- neglect
ignore disregard mistreat miss omit overlook pretermit forget skip careless

-- if
in-case-of suppose when

# swollen swallow
# contingent continent
# intimate intimidate imitate
# agonise antagonise
# exasperate aggravate extravagant exaggerated
# reprisal appraisal
# convey convoy
# trail trial
# covet covert
# grasp grip grim gripe gossip grin
# cuisine cousin
# scene sense science
# allege allergic
# ally alias
# template temple tempt temp attempt temper temperate contempt
# covet covert
# vast vest
# naysay obstruct thwart curb reject refuse rebuff
# flash crash lash slash dash smash crush
# collide coalesce collapse
# scare sacre scant scarce
# curtain cushion
# suspend suppress suspect suscept
# plague plunge plumage plume plight pledge plummet plough
# prospect prosper proper
# sustain substance substitute subsistence
# crucial crude cruel rude brutal
# clamour glamour
# desperate separate despite despise
# command commend recommend

abject deject eject inject interject introject object project reject subject

afield field shield wield yield

bevel/ drivel gavel gravel grovel hovel level marvel navel novel ravel revel shovel
snivel swivel travel

defence fence offence

abduce adduce conduce deduce duce educe induce introduce produce reduce seduce
traduce transduce

devious envious impervious oblivious obvious pervious pluvious previous

abrupt bankrupt corrupt disrupt erupt interrupt irrupt

compute depute dispute disrepute impute repute

allude collude conclude delude elude exclude include interlude occlude preclude
prelude seclude

chapel compel cupel dispel estoppel expel gospel impel lapel propel
rappel repel

elicit explicit illicit implicit licit solicit

concern discern secern

cure epicure insecure manicure obscure pedicure procure secure sinecure

accrete concrete discrete excrete secrete

constrain distrain overstrain restrain strain unstrain


acquire enquire esquire inquire quire require squire

enquiry inquiry


auspicious suspicious

aspect circumspect expect inspect introspect prospect respect retrospect suspect

ascend conscend descend scend transcend

abstinent component continent deponent eminent exponent immanent imminent
impermanent impertinent incontinent opponent permanent pertinent preeminent
prominent proponent semipermanent subcontinent

append depend expend impend interdepend misspend overspend resuspend spend stipend
suspend underspend upend


abstain ascertain britain captain certain chieftain contain curtain detain entertain
fountain incertain maintain mountain obtain pertain plantain/ retain stain sustain

collapse elapse lapse prolapse relapse

academic ecdemic endemic epidemic pandemic

bligh high leigh nigh sigh sleigh thigh weigh

blight bright eight delight fight flight freight fright height knight
light might night plight right sight slight straight tight weight wight wright

although bough cough dough enough furlough hiccough plough rough slough
thorough though through tough trough

drought nought ought sought thought wrought

accept concept except intercept percent precept

despair disrepair impair repair pair

cooperate desperate exasperate intemperate operate recuperate temperate vituperate

disparate disparate

adverse averse converse diverse inverse obverse perverse reverse transverse traverse
universe verse

advert, avert, controvert, convert, divert, evert, extravert, extrovert, introvert,
invert, overt, pervert, retrovert, revert, subvert

ambiversion, aversion, conversion, diversion, eversion, inversion, perversion, reversion, subversion

advent, atrovent, circumvent, convent, dissolvent, event, fervent, insolvent, invent,
nonevent, prevent, reinvent, resolvent, solvent, subvent, vent

contravention, convention, intervention, invention, prevention, subvention, supervention

adipose, appose, compose, counterpose, depose, dispose, expose, impose, interpose,
oppose, prepose, propose, purpose, repose, superpose, suppose, transpose

aggress congress digress egress ingress negress ogress progress regress retrogress
tigress transgress

compress, decompress, depress, empress, express, impress, minipress,
oppress, repress, suppress

*cess, *cession
access, recess, secession, excess, precess, process, success

exceed, proceed, succeed

accede, antecede, cede, concede, intercede, precede, recede, retrocede, secede, supercede

conceit deceit

admit, commit, limit, delimit, demit, emit, immit, intermit, omit, permit, remit, submit