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ADO.Net comparision of approachs of update database

1) DataAdapter + CommandBuilder    generate rubbish SQL, and if no primary key in data table, it will fail2) manual construct SQL insert/update/delet...

2007-10-22 12:14:00

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Usd Crystal Report .NET 1.1

1) Create stored procedure2) Create Crystal report file using the stored procedure    Crystal report will auto import all storedproc parameters into ...

2007-10-22 11:53:00

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deploy crystal report for .net 2003

deploy crystal report for .net 20031)New a setup project2)Right click project, add 4 "Merge Modules"Crystal_Database_Access2003.msmCrystal_...

2007-10-22 11:45:00

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C# MDI child form management

private void ShowMDIChild(Type formType){    foreach (Form f in this.MdiChildren)    {        if (f.GetType() == formType)        {            f.Brin...

2007-10-22 11:43:00

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About protected resource member in base form

ImageList of generic base form can not be protected.because when you subclass from baseform, you have get a snap shot of the imagelist,if you modify ...

2007-10-04 11:33:00

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C# Create Window Service (.NET 1.1)

1) add service2) add project installer    //set install account    this.serviceProcessInstaller1.Account = System.ServiceProcess.ServiceAccount.Local...

2007-10-04 11:32:00

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