Ajax 学习资源




  • AJForm an AJAX Forms toolkit which seamlessly submits data from any given form in an HTML page, then sends the data to any specified JavaScript function.
  • CPAINT (Cross-Platform Asynchronous INterface Toolkit)
  • Dojo Toolkit
  • GLM-AJAX Framework
  • MochiKit A lightweight Javascript library
  • Rico An open-source JavaScript library which provides full Ajax support, drag and drop management and a cinematic effects library.
  • Prototype Open-source object-oriented JavaScript framework with extensive Ajax support.
  • Sajax Simple Ajax toolkit
  • Sarissa a cross-browser wrapper for native XML APIs
  • Suggest Framework Easy-to-use JavaScript class for Google Suggest-like functionality
  • ThyAPI a complete DHTML library with several widgets, that also use Ajax
  • WinLIKE Ajax reload improvements through usage of DHTML windows

Libraries/Scripts with server-side integration



  • AjaxAnywhere an open source project targeted for existing JSP and JSF applications upgrade.
  • AjaxTags a free set of JSP tags that simplify the use of Ajax technology in JavaServer Pages.
  • DWR a free (Apache Licensed) Java library
  • Echo2 a free Java Ajax library with a thick client API
  • Guise an Internet application framework that handles AJAX automatically without the need to write JavaScript or HTML.
  • jWic an open source web application framework which uses AJAX to synchronize the client with the server state.



  • HTML_Ajax PHP and JavaScript Ajax
  • NAjax PHP library that aims to connect JavaScript and PHP. It acts as a proxy that maps PHP objects to JavaScript and vice versa.
  • xajax PHP Ajax toolkit



  • Backbase Community Edition includes all presentation client (Ajax) functions and full utilization of BXML (B-tags).
  • WebORB by Midnight Coders. .NET and Java Server platform for Ajax-based applications.