Some Tips of Gift Giving

Some Tips of Gift Giving

Some Tips of Gift Giving

Gifts are often given to express gratitude, friendship or hospitality. It’s a common courtesy observed in many cultures. Whenever someone receives a present, treat or invitation from a friend, they will try to offer one back on a suitable occasion. This customary reciprocity is considered necessary to build friendship between people. There's nothing like the satisfaction of giving the perfect gift.

But this satisfaction can not be gained commonly. There are some tips we should pay attention to.

First: Before sending a gift, take the time to find something that is perfectly suited to your recipient's interests, personality and style.

 You give gift because you want to make your recipient happy and treasure your friendship. Usually, if he or she likes your gift, you have succeeded.

Second: Wrap the gift well.

Do not leave the gift in the store's bag. Use colored ribbons to wrap a gift using these colors:

  • Red for general and happy occasions

  • Black and white for funerals 

  • Gold and silver for wedding gifts

Westerners often pay much attention to the packaging. Even a very small gift will be hold in a large and beautiful case. Though this method might not make sense in China, we can also learn that loving the things large and beautiful is a nature of human being.

Third: Choose the right time to send a gift.

There are many occasions throughout the year when gifts are traditionally given and received, but don't forget those special days. Suitable occasions to give gifts include anniversaries, birthdays or wedding days, or for a special holiday or party. Often gifts are also given as a way of saying thank you.

Last: Take care of the price of your gift.

Just as anywhere else in the world, what you give depends on how well you know the recipient. And the ideal gift needn't be big or expensive. It should, however, be something that the recipient would appreciate. The price both you and your recipient can afford will be suitable.

From these ways, your gift may become a perfect gift and you will gain the satisfaction of giving the perfect gift.