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elease Notes - nopCommerce 3.80 (August 3, 2016)

The main changes that we implemented were aimed at making nopCommerce more store owners and store managers oriented. We wanted to ease the work with the platform for different types of users: from beginner merchants to experienced managers. Making it happen, we focused on UI and UX and simplified and redesigned admin area.

Highlight features and changes

  • Absolutely new redesigned admin area (responsive). “Basic” and “Advanced” modes for settings and product details pages (a store owner can choose which product properties he wants to see/edit). This way it'll much easier for new store owners to get started with nopCommerce.
  • Usage of several discounts simultaneously (cumulative discounts).
  • "Color square" specification attribute type (allow filtering by this type on catalog pages).
  • Conditional checkout attributes.
  • Added new product attribute type Image squares. It's very similar to "color squares" attribute type. But allows a store owner can upload pictures instead of choosing of colors. Attribute value images make it more clear to the customer what they are choosing.
  • Better "instore pickup" support. Allow a store owner to configure (and a customer to choose) pickup locations.
  • "Ship to the same address" checkbox to the "Billing address" step during checkout (configurable disabled by default).
  • Allow a store owner to configure custom RMA# (return request number).


  • Export and import now supports product attributes (Excel).
  • Filtering by specification attributes now use "OR" condition.
  • Catalog pages. Allow a store owner to choose/sort available "sort by" options.
  • Product reviews per store (configurable).
  • Allow to upload site logo in admin area.
  • Allow a store owner to create database backups in admin area.
  • Support for new version reCAPTCHA / V2.
  • Now customers can see all written product reviews on my account page.
  • Now a store owner see "Manage this page" link in public store for products, categories, manufacturers, vendors, topics, blog posts, news.
  • Allow a store owner to filter reviews per product.
  • Forums. Allow user to vote for posts.
  • Redesign of order details page (public store).
  • Advanced search. Allow search by vendor.
  • Product bulk edit page. Allow to edit product name.
  • Display a warning to a store owner in case if quantity has been changed during period when a store owner opened a product details page and clicked "save" button.
  • Performance optimization. Much faster caching (removed locking).
  • Performance optimization of product importing (Excel).
  • Product importing. Now a store owner can skip most of product properties (they are not required).
  • Allow a store owner to specify whether a product is returnable or not.
  • Support for plugin descriptions.
  • Performance. Add paging support for reward point grids
  • Store "IP address" in activity log.
  • Do not allow administrators to be impersonated as other administrators.
  • Import and export categories and manufacturers (Excel).
  • Allow a store owner to have only "in store pickup" option available (no shipping carriers configured).
  • Allow a store owner to publish/unpublish topics.
  • Allow a store owner to search/filter orders by multiple statuses (order, shipping, payment).
  • Allow a store owner to specify send time to campaigns.
  • Now we search in SKU and manufacturer part number by default (previously it was done for advanced search only).
  • Apply for vendor account. Allow applicants to enter description and upload logo
  • Allow vendors to manage its information (my account page).
  • Allow a store owner to search/filter customers by IP address.
  • Allow a store owner to specify maximum number of products per vendor.
  • Allow to force entering email twice during registration (configurable).
  • Add support for "Send in... hours/days" property for message templates
  • Allow customers to edit wishlist items (similar to standard shopping cart items).
  • Reply to already sent PM (private message) should not be sent to yourself.
  • Partial refund support for PayPal Direct.
  • Estimate shipping uses AJAX now (no full page reloading).
  • Added more sample data.
  • Allow to limit campaign recipients by customer role.
  • Admin area. Allow a store owner to filter category and manufacturer lists by a store.
  • Months and years should be sorted descending in the "Blog archive" block.
  • "New order note" message template. Added support for "%Order.OrderNoteAttachmentUrl%" token that displays a link to download an attached file.
  • Updated Australia post API to the latest version.
  • Upgraded Canada Post to use web services.
  • Added a setting to generate customer invoices in customer language ("OrderSettings.GeneratePdfInvoiceInCustomerLanguage")
  • Sent private message page. Recipient wasn't displayed. Change the recipient link font.
  • Admin area should not throw exceptions when entering HTML code into "footer text" fields of PDF settings.
  • Add support for "Do not send before date" property to queued emails.
  • Added activity log for topic page changes.
  • Added activity log for "Delete order" and "Edit order" events.
  • Now all entered values are trimmed. Developers can mark properties to be excluded from trimming with [NoTrim] attribute.
  • Removed "Authorize.NET", "Verizon SMS Provider", "Facebook shop" plugins from the solution. Since version 3.80 they will be available as thirdparty plugins at our extensions and themes page.
  • PayPal standard plugin. Save warning about "failed order total validation error" in order notes.
  • Customer role “Registered” is checked as a default role when creating a new customer (admin area).
  • Moved localization (locales) to the language details page.
  • Admin area. Avoid duplication when entering page size values.
  • Ability to require account creation for downloadable products.
  • Message Tokens for social network pages are added.
  • Moved sitemap settings to UI.
  • Removed "Search by GUID" on the order list page.
  • Sample data. Specify distinct SKU for each sample products.
  • Google Analytics plugin. Allow a store owner to choose widget zone.
  • Forums are now responsive.
  • Admin area. Display validation rules and formatted condition in "product attributes" grid.
  • Admin area. Ensured for valid email address if registered role is checked.
  • Added setting for DeleteGuestTask. Interval was hard coded to 1440. Moved to “Tasks.DeleteGuestTask.OlderThanMinutes” setting.
  • Added textboxes to search settings and locales (forget about funnel icons).
  • Ensure that only administrators can delete other admins. Ensure that only administrators can change passwords of other admins.
  • "Uninstall plugin" button color should be red. "Install" one should be green.
  • Performance optimization. Delete a lot of records as one SQL query.
  • Significant performance optimization of Redis cache implementation.
  • Admin area. ide dropdownlists when only one option is visible (available).
  • Admin area. Group some buttons (e.g. "all found" and "selected").
  • Security. All delete functionality should use "POST" (XSRF validation)
  • Security. Added XSRF protection to delete a customer address functionality
  • Security. XSRF validation for password protected topics.
  • Security. XSS issue fixed for the registration result page.
  • Dynamically hide conditional products attributes in admin area (add product to order, add attribute combination).
  • Replaced "tagit" script with much faster "tageditor".
  • Added a default "Standard" value to 'Email account' dropdown in nonstandard localization tabs of 'Message template details' page.
  • Removed "Shipping methods" and "Shipping method restrictions" from admin menu. Now they are accessible from offline shipping provider configuration pages only.
  • USPS. Firstclass Postcards and Letters should be hidden in some cases.
  • Updated country list. Added some missing countries South Sudan, Congo (Democratic Republic of the), Palestine, East Timor.
  • Added new widget zones to sitemap and forums pages.
  • Applied a general error fix for the "Error during serialization" issues in admin area.
  • Customer reward points. Renamed "Add points" to "Add (reduce) points". This way it's more clear for store owners that negative values are also supported.
  • Do not use "fulltext" search for SKU(when enabled). We should use “Exact match”. IMPORTANT: If you already have fulltext enabled, then go to admin area > general and misc setting and disable fulltext and then enable it. This way a new index will be created.
  • Now we use exact match when searching in product tags.
  • Added Indonesian (Bahasa) language for installation page.
  • Hints were missing for gift card fields when adding a product to an order (in admin area).
  • Moved back to browscap.org to detect search crawlers.
  • Allow a store owner to add custom tags to the element.
  • Grouped "measures" pages into single one.
  • Consistency of all confirmation windows.
  • Developers. Significant refactoring of export/import implementation.
  • Developers. Page class on element
  • Developers. Split thirdparty client libraries (JS and CSS) to public and admin area.
  • Developers. Separated social links out into separate model and view to allow them to be shown in places other than just the footer.
  • Developers. Added CurrentStoreName property to ProductDetailsModel. Previously we got it dynamically in the ProductTemplate.Simple.cshtml and ProductTemplate.Grouped.cshtml files.
  • Developers. Updated thirdparty libraries to the latest version.
  • Developers. Null validation fixed in CurrencyService
  • Developers. Dropped ShippingRateComputationMethodType.Unknown and PaymentMethodType.Unknown enum values.
  • Developers. Add support for "async" for javascript files.
  • Developers. Replaced all invocations of HostingEnvironment.MapPath with CommonHelper.MapPath
  • Developers. Pass more data to tax providers (product, price).
  • Developers. Added product type property to product models (presentation layer).
  • Developers. Moved "HideAdvertisementsOnAdminArea" and "LastNewsTitleAdminArea" settings to "AdminAreaSettings". Moved "DeleteGuestTaskOlderThanMinutes"setting to "CustomerSettings".
  • Developers. Allow to extend GetListOfCampaignAllowedTokens and GetListOfAllowedTokens methods (events).
  • KendoUI grids. Do not display javascript errors when we make some redirections (before data loading is finished).
  • Include nopCommerce version into language pack when exporting locales.
  • Allow HTML for product attribute default value and file extensions (textbox attribute type). We should not throw exceptions.
  • More consistent source code. Replaced all "$(function()" with "$(document).ready(function ()".
  • Fixed all compilation warnings.
  • A lot of other source code refactoring.


  • PayPal Standard and Direct. We should ensure that TLS 1.2 is used.
  • UPS shipping plugin. We should ensure that TLS 1.2 is used.
  • Store closed page should be disallowed in robots.txt file.
  • Fixed some RSS validation issues.
  • PayPal plugins. We should validate order totals in IPN handler.
  • Redis caching didn't work when you have bestsellers displayed on the home page (disabled by default).
  • Avoid "ProductDetails_AttributeChange not found " errors in log (caused by search engine crawling).
  • We should save current tab when some entity is created (the same as we do when we edit existing ones).
  • Product attribute page. "Save" button click should redirect to list page.
  • "Customers who bought this item also bought" functionality ignored "Visible individually" product property.
  • Product details page. We should display "out of stock" message (product details page) when a selected attribute combination doesn't exist and "Allow only existing attribute combinations" option is enabled.
  • Edit shopping cart item functionality did not preset correct picture (associated to attribute values). The same issue was with preselected attribute values (with associated pictures). Now we load associated pictures using AJAX (the same way as it's done for dynamic pricing)
  • We should display "start date" as "created on" date for blog posts and news (if specified). We should also sort blog posts and news by "start date" (if specified).
  • Fixed an issue with carts that don't require shipping but "tax based on" setting is set to "shipping address". We should clear "shipping address" when shipping is not required.
  • Properly process conditional product attributes when using "Generate all combinations" functionality.
  • Do not throw exception (Entity Framework) when a store owner entered too long values into fields (maximum length validation).
  • Installation. Sometimes we cannot use newly created database ("Create new database" option).
  • Do not throw exception when we don't have any shipping plugins configured.
  • Wrong variable name has been used in _ProductAttributes.cshtml file (conditional attributes).
  • Sample data. Vendors didn’t have "search engine friendly page name" specified.
  • Product tags count is now properly calculated in multistore environment in SQL Compact.
  • UIHint["Download"] could not be used inside plugins.
  • VAT status and note weren't displayed on the customer info and registration pages
  • Image resize rounding issue fixed (white line visible sometimes).
  • Fixed styling issue on confirm order page (onepage checkout).
  • Fixed an issue when sharing products with short description with HTML tags on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Forum styling issue fixed. Signature wasn't displayed well
  • Fixed _RentalInfo.cshtml file mobile issue
  • Fixed an issue with "Search engine friendly page name" (with inactive seo names).
  • The Affiliate Edit page had an error with its validation system. If the user leaved one of the input fields empty, it thrown an error.
  • Microdata for Price. You could receive a warning in cultures other "enUS".


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