Android-Cannot merge new index 66195 into a non-jumbo instruction的解决办法



[2014-06-23 13:44:35 - Dex Loader] Unable to execute dex: Cannot merge new index 66195 into a non-jumbo instruction!
[2014-06-23 13:44:35 - tao_apad_2.0] Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: Cannot merge new index 66195 into a non-jumbo instruction!


最新的ADT和SDK Tool在将jar转化成dex的时候,可能会合并类的代码,这将导致巨大的类;类中的每一个方法都分配有一个id,字节码中以id标识和调用方法;早期的Dalvik VM内部使用short类型变量来标识方法的id,最大值限制在65535;综合上述因素,代码在安装的时候,不能通过验证,所以安装失败。


While the Dalvik team works on a fix, I'm going to allow disabling of the new dex merger features. Builds will be slower (actually back like they were before) but they'll work at least. We were looking at a 21.0.1 release so I'm going to do this now and make sure this gets in.



@18: i think you're confused. there are probably multiple bugs. as i explained in comment 7, the original error is caused by out-of-order annotations. the number of annotations isn't relevant to that bug;all that matters is whether the method indexes they refer to happen to come out in order or not when the merge basically appends them without sorting. (you are though correct that the annotations problem has nothing to do with jumbo mode --- it's the merge step that's the problem.)

looking at libdex, the reason for your new error is a bit more obscure. it seems to mean that there are references to more than one class in a class_data_item. my assumption is that that means thatone of the fields or methods referred to in the class_data_item doesn't belong to the class we're supposedly defining.i'm afraid i don't know enough about the merge process to know how/why that might happen.


Ufnortunately method call is encoded with a method_id being a short int (so only 65535 different methods), unlike const string access.

So, to summarize, even though the .dex specs allows more than 65535 classes and methods, the vm doesn't support large number of classes/methods, there wasn't any explicit error message.



To my knowledge, dex.force.jumbo activates the const-string-jumbo opcode which allows to refer to static strings when you have more than 65k strings in your dex file.


usually, dx will use the shortest instruction it can. this can make merging impossible if an instruction would need to be widened to fit more bits of string index (or whatever). dex.force.jumbo says "always use the wide form, even if you don't need to", to improve the chances of being able to merge later.


Added a flag to disable dex merging to deal with cases where merging could generate a broken dex file. If this happens to your project, add the following setting to your file: dex.disable.merger=true。This setting causes the build system to revert to the older, slower dex processing that does not pre-dex libraries.




我们的工程是因为引入了一个lib工程导致的这个错误,因此启用了manifest merge,然后设置dex.force.jumbo竟然也可以,具体原因有待于进一步查明。


Automatic merging of library project manifest files into the including project's manifest. Enable with the manifestmerger.enabled property.

If you want to merge android library project manifest and your current project manifest, you can add manifestmerger.enabled=true in your file where you referred your library project. But, you should be confirmed some point like ADT version, Also Minimum and target SDK should be same as library project.

因此,这种方式是有局限性的,Minimum和target SDK需要相同才可以。 

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