Apache Pig 安装


本章将介绍如何在系统中下载,安装和设置 Apache Pig 。先决条件

在你运行Apache Pig之前,必须在系统上安装好Hadoop和Java。因此,在安装Apache Pig之前,请按照步骤安装Hadoop和Java


打开Apache Pig网站的主页。在News部分下,点击链接release page,如下面的快照所示。



点击指定的链接后,你将被重定向到 Apache Pig Releases 页面。在此页面的Download部分下,单击链接,然后你将被重定向到具有一组镜像的页面。





这些镜像将带您进入 Pig Releases 页面。 此页面包含Apache Pig的各种版本。 单击其中的最新版本。



在这些文件夹中,有发行版中的Apache Pig的源文件和二进制文件。下载Apache Pig 0.16, pig0.16.0-src.tar.gz 和 pig-0.16.0.tar.gz 的源和二进制文件的tar文件。


安装Apache Pig

下载Apache Pig软件后,按照以下步骤将其安装在Linux环境中。


在安装了 Hadoop,Java和其他软件的安装目录的同一目录中创建一个名为Pig的目录。(在我们的教程中,我们在名为Hadoop的用户中创建了Pig目录)。

$ mkdir Pig第2步提取下载的tar文件,如下所示。

$ cd Downloads/ $ tar zxvf pig-0.15.0-src.tar.gz $ tar zxvf pig-0.15.0.tar.gz 步骤3

将 pig-0.16.0-src.tar.gz 文件的内容移动到之前创建的 Pig 目录,如下所示。

$ mvpig-0.16.0-src.tar.gz/* /home/Hadoop/Pig/配置Apache Pig

安装Apache Pig后,我们必须配置它。要配置,我们需要编辑两个文件 - bashrc和pig.properties 。


在 .bashrc 文件中,设置以下变量

PIG_HOME 文件夹复制到Apache Pig的安装文件夹

PATH 环境变量复制到bin文件夹

PIG_CLASSPATH 环境变量复制到安装Hadoop的etc(配置)文件夹(包含core-site.xml,hdfs-site.xml和mapred-site.xml文件的目录)。

export PIG_HOME = /home/Hadoop/Pig export PATH = PATH:/home/Hadoop/pig/bin export PIG_CLASSPATH = $HADOOP_HOME/confpig.properties文件

在Pig的 conf 文件夹中,我们有一个名为 pig.properties 的文件。在pig.properties文件中,可以设置如下所示的各种参数。

pig -h properties支持以下属性:

Logging: verbose = true|false; default is false. This property is the same as -v switch brief=true|false; default is false. This property is the same as -b switch debug=OFF|ERROR|WARN|INFO|DEBUG; default is INFO. This property is the same as -d switch aggregate.warning = true|false; default is true. If true, prints count of warnings of each type rather than logging each warning. Performance tuning: pig.cachedbag.memusage=<mem fraction>; default is 0.2 (20% of all memory). Note that this memory is shared across all large bags used by the application. pig.skewedjoin.reduce.memusagea=<mem fraction>; default is 0.3 (30% of all memory). Specifies the fraction of heap available for the reducer to perform the join. pig.exec.nocombiner = true|false; default is false. Only disable combiner as a temporary workaround for problems. opt.multiquery = true|false; multiquery is on by default. Only disable multiquery as a temporary workaround for problems. opt.fetch=true|false; fetch is on by default. Scripts containing Filter, Foreach, Limit, Stream, and Union can be dumped without MR jobs. pig.tmpfilecompression = true|false; compression is off by default. Determines whether output of intermediate jobs is compressed. pig.tmpfilecompression.codec = lzo|gzip; default is gzip. Used in conjunction with pig.tmpfilecompression. Defines compression type. pig.noSplitCombination = true|false. Split combination is on by default. Determines if multiple small files are combined into a single map. pig.exec.mapPartAgg = true|false. Default is false. Determines if partial aggregation is done within map phase, before records are sent to combiner. pig.exec.mapPartAgg.minReduction=<min aggregation factor>. Default is 10. If the in-map partial aggregation does not reduce the output num records by this factor, it gets disabled. Miscellaneous: exectype = mapreduce|tez|local; default is mapreduce. This property is the same as -x switch pig.additional.jars.uris=<comma seperated list of jars>. Used in place of register command. udf.import.list=<comma seperated list of imports>. Used to avoid package names in UDF. stop.on.failure = true|false; default is false. Set to true to terminate on the first error. pig.datetime.default.tz=<UTC time offset>. e.g. +08:00. Default is the default timezone of the host. Determines the timezone used to handle datetime datatype and UDFs. Additionally, any Hadoop property can be specified.验证安装

通过键入version命令验证Apache Pig的安装。如果安装成功,你将获得Apache Pig的正式版本,如下所示。

$ pig –version Apache Pig version 0.16.0 (r1682971) compiled Jun 01 2015, 11:44:35