TopCoder SRM 731 Div2 Easy题解报告

Problem Statement Hero has an infinite periodic string t. You are given the string s that is the period of Hero’s string. For example, if s = “abc”,...

2018-03-29 17:59:57

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Codeforces Round 472-2B题解报告

There is a rectangular grid of n rows of m initially-white cells each. Arkady performed a certain number (possibly zero) of operations on it. In the...

2018-03-27 17:46:28

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Codeforces Round 472-2A题解报告

Overlooking the captivating blend of myriads of vernal hues, Arkady the painter lays out a long, long canvas. Arkady has a sufficiently large amount...

2018-03-26 19:23:42

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Codeforces Round 471-2B题解报告

Let’s call a string adorable if its letters can be realigned in such a way that they form two consequent groups of equal symbols (note that different...

2018-03-26 16:40:33

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