VS.NET 2003 Plugin: Auto Version Increment

原创 2004年10月13日 10:34:00
I finally updated the code for my VS.NET 2003 version increment plug-in!  The new version fixes the annoying bug that causes the Version Increment output window to default over the Build output window, making it hard to see what was going on.  I've also fixed a problem that caused the plug in to not work properly if you disabled it from the Add in menu and then enabled it again without restarting VS.NET.

I've created two new pacakges, a source ZIP file and an installation MSI that will install the plugin.  Make sure you remove any previous existing version of the plug-in before installing the new one to prevent them from fighting with each other.

Before are the previous notes from the first release:

I've written an easy to use plug in for VS.NET 2003 that provides the auto increment build number functionality from older versions of VB on the new VB.NET langauge.  Basically this plugin will automatically update the build numbers, adding one to the previous number, each time the project is built.

You can download the current version from GotDotNet.

However, there are a few things that make it not as well rounded as it should be, that I'll be updating in the near futuring, including:

  • C# Language support
  • Returning to the build window after updating
  • Enable/disable plugin on the fly
  • Disable plugin through VS.NET's plug in interface.

I'll keep this entry updated with the latest news.

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