011 Complaint
1.Could you hurry up in the bath?
2.Do you think you could turn your TV down a bit?
3.I'm afraid I have a complaint to make.
4.I'm afraid,sir,it just isn't good enough.
5.It just won't do.
6.Well,this is most unsatisfactory.
7.Would you please not make so much noise?
8.It's always the case!
9.You've got to do something about it.
10.I really do object to your wasting our precious time here.

Dialogue One
Could I see the manager,please?I have a complaint to make.
Yes,I'm the manager here.What can I do for you,madam?
Did you have the room checked before we move in?
Which room are you in?
1808.The toilet doesn't work properly.The water doesn't run in the shower.
I'm awfully sorry to hear that.I'll attend to it right away.(After checking.)
I do apoligize.We'll change your room to 2002.
That's not bad.Thanks for your help.
It's my pleasure,madam.

Dialogue Two
Excuse me...
Yes,Sir?Can I help you?
Hm,this steak.I asked for it to be medium-rare.
Medium-rare,that's right,sir...I remember your order...
Well,I'm afraid it isn't.It's a bit too well done and rather tough.Would you mind changing?
If it's not to your satisfaction,I'll certainly bring you another.
but I'm afraid you may have to wait a few minutes.
Yes,that's all right.Thank you very much.

Dialogue Three
Look!I bought these shoes only three weeks ago.And there's a hole in them already.
If that happened to me I would take them back to the shop.
I did.But they said they wouldn't change them.
That's terrible.But if they wouldn't change them,I know what I would do.

Dialogue Four
Oh!The food here really is bad.My soup was cold.And the meat-huh!it was like leather.
Yes,and they don't give you very much,either.I'm still hungry.
I'm sure this one is especially bad.And the warden is so unpleasant.
"Don't do this,don't do that.You mustn't do this,you can't do that."
Well,I'm going to write a letter of complaint.
And we'll all help you.

Dialogue Five
Good morning.
Good morning.Can I help you?
Yes.It's about these boots I bought here the other day.
What seems to be the trouble?
Well,they cut into my feet and are rather painful.I was wondering if you could change them for me.
Mm,that's a bit difficult...No one's ever complained before,you know.
I'll tell you what,I can try stretching them for you if you like.
I think you'll find that that will be santisfactory.

I have no complaint at all.But the world is a little bit tough to me.I was born in a poor family,with six elder
sisters and two little brothers.I didn't receive any good education and you could imagine what my husband's 
education is like.He usually calls rude names to me,and I choose to pretend to be deaf.Our daughter,she is really
a little lovely thing.But she's always crying and looks as if to say:"Go away,I don't like you."I am a woman,
a small woman.It is universally acknowledged that I have no complaint at all.
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011 Complaint