Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-In


Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-In

Current Release: alpha
Url Update Manager: http://kurucz-grafika.de/fatjar
Download from: project page

Requirements: Eclipse 3.0 or greater




About top

The Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-In is a Deployment-Tool which deploys an Eclipse java-project into one executable jar.

It adds the Entry "Build Fat-JAR" to the Export-Wizard.
In addition to the eclipse standard jar-exporter referenced classes and jars are included to the "Fat-Jar", so the resulting jar contains all needed classes and can be executed directly with "java -jar", no classpath has to be set, no additional jars have to be deployed.

Jars, External-Jars, User-Libraries, System-Libraries, Classes-Folders and Project-Exports are considered by the plugin.
The Main-Class can be selected and Manifest-files are merged.
The One-JAR option integrates a specialised Class-Loader written by Simon Tuffs ( http://one-jar.sourceforge.net/ ) which handles jar-files inside a jar.
Individual files and folders can be excluded or added to the jar.
Different settings can be stored and re-executed as "Quick Build" via the context-menu.

How To Install top

The zip file contains the plugin directory. Unzip from within the Eclipse directory.
Stop eclipse.
Start eclipse from the command-line with the clean option "eclipse -clean",
otherwise the plugin will not be found.

To uninstall, remove the net.sf.fjep.fatjar_x.x.x (where x.x.x
denotes the version of the plugin you have installed).