Data integration and services

Data integration and services

Adobe offers a range of solutions focused on the development of rich Internet applications that include high levels of data integration. These solutions include BlazeDS, LiveCycle Data Services Community Edition, and LiveCycle Data Services ES. Using data services technologies from Adobe, you can more easily build applications that add rich data capabilities to RIAs:


BlazeDS is an open source remoting and web messaging technology that enables developers to easily connect to back-end distributed data and push data in real-time to Adobe Flex and Adobe AIR applications. Learn more about BlazeDS open source.

LiveCycle Data Services, Community Edition

LiveCycle Data Services, Community Edition is a subscription offering from Adobe that includes access to the latest certified builds of BlazeDS and developer and enterprise support. Learn more about LiveCycle Data Services, Community Edition.

LiveCycle Data Services ES

LiveCycle Data Services ES is a comprehensive technology that enable the development and deployment of rich Internet applications with LiveCycle services, J2EE applications, and business logic. This is a solution for customers requiring commercially-licensed software for deploying business critical applications or who wish to go beyond the infrastructure features of BlazeDS by adding higher-level data functionality such as data synchronization, offline support for Adobe AIR, portal integration, RIA integration with LiveCycle ES software, and advanced deployment options for maximum scalability. Learn more about LiveCycle Data Services ES.

LiveCycle ES vs LiveCycle DS vs BlazeDS – clearing up the confusion

Understanding the differences and relationships between the products in the LiveCycle and BlazeDS product family.