最后在找到一篇文章: ... ers&msgNo=10234 里面说是由于安装svn1.4.4和apache2.2时,一个环境变量所导致的,原文如下: Subclipse can crash on Windows if you have the environment variable APR_ICONV_PATH set and it is pointing at a set of libraries that were built against Apache 2.2.If that is the case, change the environment variable name to APR_ICONV1_PATH and that will fix the problem.The libraries from 2.2 will look for the variable with the "1" in it first anyway.So this is a proper change to make. If you want to be thorough, you could download the zip file for Subversion 1.4.3, and point the APR_ICONV_PATH variable at the iconv folder that came with it. 解决方法:将环境变量 APR_ICONV_PATH改为APR_ICONV1_PATH 或者下载Subversion 1.4.3的zip包,将环境变量 APR_ICONV_PATH 指向解压后的 iconv文件夹。