Big words of the western pilgrimage


Chapter 1

SiteThe wedding

Characters Bull King(牛魔王)Monkey king(至尊宝)、Zi Xia(紫霞)、Little Sprite(小妖)

Aside: The story begins with a wedding. The Bull King is going to have a concubine.

BullToday is my wedding. I am going to have a concubine. Ha ha ha …….

SpriteConcubine? Dose your wife agree to it?

BullOh! She is not lovely no longer. She’s at the Flame Mountain right now. She can do nothing about it!

(Monkey King walks out from the backstage. 从后台走入人群中)

BullLet me introduce my brother to you! My brother!

??? Come here! This is my brother.

(Bull turns to look at Zixia amorously. 深情地转向紫霞)

BullZixia, listen to me. I think I‘ve fallen in love with you once I meet you. I want to show my sincerity. So I beg you for marrying me in front of my brother. This Pandora’s Box is my gift to you. I hope you would say yes.

SpriteI object!


SpriteZixia has a mean to test her lover. If you can pass it, I will shut up!

Monkey Really? What’s this?

SpriteThis test is that she would marry the guy who can make her Magic Sword go out of the scabbard.

(The sword slips out of Monkey’s arms. 剑从至的怀中落下)

SpriteMagic Sword?

BullLet me do this!

(Zixia runs out and picks the sword up. 紫跑出,拾剑)

MonkeyIt’s not true! It’s just a joke. It is still meaningless even if you can pull it out!

(Zixia runs away)

SpriteKing, Iron Fan Princess has come.


(Bull runs away in dismay. Bull 惊慌跑下)

Aside: The monkey king leaves the front hall, running to back garden……


Chapter 2

Site: Bull King’s back garden

Characters: Monkey kingZi Xia

Monkey runs out and suddenly sees Zixia sitting lonely on the step, so he walks toward to Zixia. Monkey跑过来,突然看到紫独自坐在台阶上,于是走过来)

MonkeyWhy are you hiding here?

(Zixia pulls out the sword and points to Monkey, keeping silent. Then Monkey walks out and give a monologue. 紫抽剑,指向至。两人定格,Monkey king走出来,独白)

MonkeyAt this time, the blade is really close to me, 0.01 cm I think. But after a flash, ten microseonds I think, the owner of the sword will fall for me whole-heartedly. Because I’ve decided to tell lies, I’ve told many lies in my life, but I think it is the most wonderful lie!

ZiI’ll kill you if you walk closer!

MonkeyYou should kill me! Kill me! I’d found my best love, but I didn’t treasure her. I felt regretful after that. It’s the ultimate pain in the world. Just cut my throat, please don’t hesitate! If God can give me a chance, I will tell her these words. “I love you”. If God wants to give a time limit, I’ll say this love will last 10 thousand years!

Zixia gives a long sigh and throws the sword, but then picks it up and embraces it紫长叹,抛剑,拾剑,抱剑)

ZiWhat will you tell to your wife?

MonkeyI have to tell her the truth. So I must get the Pandora’s Box back. Then go back with you and explain everything. But I hate myself that I can’t get the box back. I ……

ZiI help you!

MonkeyNo, it’s dangerous!

ZiYou don’t want?

MonkeyI do! But ……

ZiI trust you! I’ll get the Pandora’s Box back tonight. Wait for me here at midnight.

MonkeyLet me do something to my boss first. See you tonight.


Aside: The night ……


Chapter 3

Site: Dungeon

Characters: Monkey kingPigsyPigsy八戒)、Monk Sha(沙僧)、Monk Tang(唐僧)

Pigsy and ShaMaster, master

(They say to Tang with a low voice at the same time. 两人同时悄声说)

PigsyWe come to rescue you.

ShaWe come to bring you out.

TangI won't go.

Pigsy and ShaStay here? Why?

TangThere’re full of obstacles in the way of getting scriptures. This is because we’re not united enough. So we let the devils do bad things to us. That’s fine. This prison has no difference with the outside world, to me; the outside world is just a bigger prison. You go out first. I have something to tell him.

(Pigsy and Sha walks away)

TangYou come in and have a sit!

MonkeyTo be honest, I’m not your disciple. I don’t want to be your disciple. Master I know you’re a good guy. Please let me go!

TangDo you know “dong , dong, dong ……”?

MonkeyWhat is “dong, dong, dong”?

Tang“dong, dong, dong ……” is ……

(Tang begins to sing “Only you”)

MonkeyStop. Stop. I can’t take this anymore, please stop ……

TangOh oh ……

MonkeyDamn you, you … I’ve said I can’t take this anymore. Don’t disturb me, or I’ll kill you.

TangMonkey King, you can kill me. Life and death are very minor. When you know why you should make sacrifices, you will come back and sing this song with me. Namonitabhaya …

(Monkey runs away)

Aside: The Monkey King succeeds in escaping from the Bull King, and he reaches the Spiders’ Cave with the Grapes. Unfortunately, the Monkey King and his friends meet the Queen of Spider.

??? The Monkey have heard that if the blade slashed fast and accurately, the guy whose cut open won’t die at once. He can still see. So he asks the Queen of the Spider to kill him as fast as she could and to tear his heart out and let him have a look.

??? After the Monkey King’s death, he appears in the Hole of Waterfall …


Chapter 4

Site: The Hole of Waterfall

Characters: Monkey kingGuan Yin Deity (观音菩萨)

Monkey Goddess. I’m about to understand your words. I used my eyes to see in the past. What I was dying. I started using my heart to see this world. Then I could see all things clearly. That girl …has left a drop of tear in my heart. I felt her sorrow.

DeityHave you given up all things in human world?

MonkeyYes! Life and death is just minor! …… But I don’t understand why can human’s hatred last 10 years, 50 years, and even 500 years. What hatred is it?

DeitySo that Monk Tang went to the west and got scriptures, which clean out hearts.

MonkeyOK, I want to stay here, there are many things waiting for me to do.

DeityI want to warn you again. After wearing the gold ring, you’re no longer a normal human. You can’t have human desires anymore. If you do so, the gold ring will get smaller and smaller. It’s very uncomfortable.


DeityBefore wearing the ring, what do you want to say?

MonkeyI had had found my best love, but I didn’t treasure her. When I lost her, I regretted. It’s the biggest pain in the world. If God can give me another chance, I will say these words to her “I love you”! If there is a time limit, I hope, it is 10 thousand years!