Ubuntu 16.04 安装第三方Apps Can’t Install Third-Party Apps on Ubuntu 16.04? You’re No

Having trouble installing third-party .debs on Ubuntu 16.04? You, my friend, are far from alone. A huge number of you have pinged us about a big o...

2016-04-29 07:09:07

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Ubuntu 16.04 安装 Openjdk for Aptana How can I install Openjdk on Ubuntu 16.04?

Since I upgrade to the latest version of Ubuntu, cannot install Java OpenJDK needed to compile android custom roms, when I run sudo apt-get install ...

2016-04-29 07:08:27

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Ubuntu 16.04 安装 LAMP Install Apache, MySQL, PHP (LAMP) stack on Ubuntu 16.04

Verified and Tested 03/1/16   Introduction In this How-To, we install LAMP on an Ubuntu 16.04 Server. LAMP is a simple software bundle mad...

2016-04-29 07:04:29

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Ubuntu 16.04 安装 player Install Flash Player for Watching Video in Ubuntu 16.04 X

  Install Flash Player for Watching Video in Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus (LTS), Ubuntu 15.10 wily werewolf, Ubuntu 15.04 vivid Vervet, ubuntu 14.10 ...

2016-04-29 07:03:10

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Magento: 判断是否为手机浏览 Optimise Web's Mobile Detect Class for Magento

项目地址:Optimise Web's Mobile Detect Class for Magento   Optimise Web's Mobile Detect Class for Magento MobileDetect.net is a lightweight PHP class ...

2016-04-29 07:01:26

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HTML Character Codes – ASCII Entity and Unicode Symbols

How to use special HTML character codes There are only so many keys to a keyboard, and you can see from the lists below that there are quite a few...

2016-04-28 02:44:16

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Linux 下载youtube视频 How to save YouTube videos on Linux

Have you ever found interesting videos on YouTube, and wanted to download and save them on your hard drive (for offline access or archiving purpose...

2016-04-28 02:44:11

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Magento: Gird 和 form 区域 Module Development Series – Magento Admin Module

In this tutorial, we are going to see all the different form fields we can use in admin forms. Magento has many different type of field available...

2016-04-28 02:39:37

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Magento: 后台获取menu链接 Getting the admin panel urls

The url for customer page in the admin panel. index.php/admin/customer/edit/id/7 echo Mage::helper('adminhtml')->getUrl('adminhtml/custo...

2016-04-28 02:34:53

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Magento: addAttributeToFilter 和 addFieldToFilter 的区别 Difference between addAttri

 addAttributeToFilter is used to filter EAV collections and will filter the products based on the attributes that you've included in your collecti...

2016-04-28 02:34:42

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JavaScript 语言基础知识点总结(思维导图)

目录[-] (1)javascript 数组 (2)函数基础 (3)运算符 (4)流程语句 (5)正则表达式 (6)字符串函数 (7)数据类型 (8)变量 (9)window 对象 (10)DOM基本操作 (11)一图知晓整个Javascript ES5语法 推...

2016-04-27 01:30:46

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JavaScript: 时间处理 Date Library

Overview Datejs is an open source JavaScript Date library for parsing, formatting and processing. The last 'official' release was Alpha-1 on Nove...

2016-04-27 01:29:41

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Magento : 调用文件上传 upload file frontend

bool mkdir ( string $pathname [, int $mode = 0777 [, bool $recursive = false [, resource $context ]]] )   $pathname should be the server path to t...

2016-04-27 01:25:58

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Bootstrap 3 : 图片上传预览 image upload preview

头部均为: <link href="//netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.1.0/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet"&...

2016-04-27 01:24:37

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jQuery: 判断指针是否在某元素内 How do I check if the mouse is over an element

代码: // required jquery.min.js $(function() { var $current_tab_menu = $('#main_menu'); $(document).on('mouseover',function(e) { ...

2016-04-27 01:21:10

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Magento: 自定义用户登录导向页面 Redirect Customer to Previous Page After Login

Configuration Settings   – Login to admin panel – Go to System -> Configuration -> CUSTOMERS -> Customer Configur...

2016-04-26 02:45:52

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图文并茂: 二进制与十进制间的转换方法

一、正整数的十进制转换二进制:要点:除二取余,倒序排列解释:将一个十进制数除以二,得到的商再除以二,依此类推直到商等于一或零时为止,倒取将除得的余数,即换算为二进制数的结果 例如把52换算成二进制数,计算结果如图: 图文并茂: 二进制与十进制间的转换方法 52除以2得到的余数依次为:0...

2016-04-26 02:42:44

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手机firebug查看网页代码 How to View Website Source Codes on iPad / iPhone

You’re using your iPad to browse the Web and you’re curious to view the source of a webpage but don’t have the options to do so. The next thing yo...

2016-04-26 02:41:53

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Bootstrap 3: accordion menu 手风琴效果

头部均为: <link href="//netdna.bootstrapcdn.com/bootstrap/3.1.0/css/bootstrap.min.css" rel="stylesheet"...

2016-04-26 02:22:48

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2.1 强大好用的SHELL   计算机硬件是由运算器、控制器、存储器、输入/输出设备等设备组成的,而能够让机箱内各种设备各司其职东西就叫做——系统内核。内核负责驱动硬件、管理活动和分配/管理硬件资源,如此说来系统内核对计算机来讲可真的是太重要了,所以它不能直接让用户操作。   因为用...

2016-04-26 02:22:35

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