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WTP 2.0.2 available! PostedFeb28,2008 | Permalink WTP 2.0.2 has been released as part of the Europa Winter Maintenance packages. This release addresses serious defects present in release 2.0 as well as improves upon its stability and performance. Individual zip downloads and all-in-one bundles for frequently used configurations are also available.

WTP(Web Tools Platform )项目在eclipse平台上进行扩展,是一个开发J2EE Web应用程序的工具集。WTP包含以下工具:
* 一个源码编辑器可以用来编辑HTML, Javascript, CSS, JSP, SQL, XML, DTD, XSD, 和WSDL。
* 一个图形编辑器用来编辑XSD与WSDL。
* J2EE项目构建器和一个J2EE向导工具。
* 一个Web服务创建向导和管理器,和WS-I 测试工具。
* 一个数据库访问,查询工具等。
WTP由两个子项目构成:WST(Web标准工具集) 与JST(J2EE标准工具集)