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Volume Testing for SAP BW

ERP: Note 821148 - Installing/upgrading Basis Plug-in (PI_BASIS) 2005.1


How To Create a Characteristic with non-generic Text Data Access

 Implementing Virtual Key Figure/ Characteristics Makes Query More Dynamic(BADI )

3)Datasource Config

Hwo to Create Generic Delta Datasource

SAP BI Generic Extraction Using a Function Module

SAP BW Data Source Enhancement

 How To Dynamically Call DataSource Specific Programs in Source System User-exits

How To Reconcile Data Between SAP Source Systems and SAP NetWeaver BI Version 3.00

4)LOAD and Transport

How To Load a File into BI-Integrated Planning

Enhancing LO DataSource – Step by Step

How to Implentation a Transformation End Routine

SAP BI Generic Extraction Using a Function Module 讲叙了自定义函数从sap提取数据到传输的整个创建过程

5) Scenario

How To Implement Business Scenarios for customer loyalty Management

How To Handle Inventory Management Scenarios in BW

6) Basis

Periodic Jobs and Tasks in SAP BW

How To System Copy in SAP Business Intelligence System Landscapes (传输)

7) Front Analyze

How To Add a BI Report to a Portal Page

Connecting to SAP BW with Microsoft Excel PivotTables and ODBO

Connecting to SAP BW Using Visual Basic and ADO MD


Performance Tuning for SAP BW (Document Version 2.8 May 25, 2005 )